PF accuses UPND of economic sabotage…inciting Drivers to protest

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The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the opposition UPND of pushing for economic sabotage in the country, reports Zambian Eye’s Asa Manda in Lusaka.

The PF says it has received information that the UPND is inciting Bus Drivers in Lusaka to park their buses in protest against the ruling party cadres running of Bus stations and markets.

The PF has disclosed this in a press release below to Zambian Eye today, Sunday saying the act is criminal aimed at making the country ungovernable.


We have received information backed by evidence that some drivers who are politically inclined to the opposition UPND are trying to incite and coherce other drivers of Public Service Vehicles, to park their buses tommorrow Monday in an attempt to disrupt people’s daily business.

Written notices have been circulated by some leaders of disgruntled bus drivers, ordering other drivers to park their buses by whatever means on Monday morning under the pretext of alleged interference of the PF in the running of bus stations and markets in the country.

We want to state from the onset that the maneuvers of the UPND leadership to bring confusion in the operations of the public service vehicles and the transport sector in general is ridiculous, insensitive and a criminal act of economic sabotage.

This is just about inciting people to rise against the government of the day and has nothing to do with trying to tackle any challenges.

Country men and women, u will recall very well that the issue of interference in bus stations and markets was dealt with by the PF Government, including the Secretary General of the ruling Party Honourable Davies Mwila who came out strongly encouraged the police to bring to book individuals who were claimin that they were collecting money from buses on behalf of the Party.

As a party that respects laws of this country, the PF went further to encourage local authorities to ensure that they take charge of Buses and Markets in the country. And this was done.

Our commitment as a party in supporting the adherence to the law in the running of markets and bus stations in this country is undoubted.

We are, therefore, perplexed that the UPND with a few digruntled bus drivers in Lusaka wants to engage in a serious economic sabotage by encouraging drivers to stay away from work so that people get stranded.

Bus drivers have a right to belong to any political party of their choice and they are free to do that as a constitutional right. What is terribly wrong is to use their political affiliation to try and embarass government in the eyes of the citizenry, and this is what they are trying to do.

We will not allow or entertain such kind of lawlesness, an attempt to try and sabotage the economy and bring confusion.

Those drivers who don’t want to work on Monday, you have every right to stay home but don’t just try to intimidate those who want to work.

We have a government in place that deserves respect. Zambia is a democracy and we will not tolerate schemes and machinations from the opposition UPND to cause turmoil in Lusaka and later claim that the country is becoming ungovernable under the PF.

We want to warn the leadership of the UPND to stop issuing threats on innocent and ordinary Zambians who work in buses and markets.

Bus Stations and markets are for all Zambians and there is no PF supporter or member collecting money from any bus. The Buses are being managed by the local authorities in accordance with the law.

Bus drivers who have opted to work with the government of President Edgar Lungu have not committed a crime and should not be intimidated by those who have opted to be in opposition. We are all Zambians after all.

Threatening to go into markets and bus stations to physically remove those they perceive to be members of the PF or threatening them for opting to work on Monday is absurd, provocative and highly unacceptable.

We urge the police to get on the ground to ensure law and order are observed and culprits of violence and confusion be brought to book.

We will not allow the UPND to hold this country at ransom and begin to harass innocent people.

Many young Zambians operating in markets and bus stations and selling all kinds of merchandise have families to feed and that’s why they are involved in business. We are all Zambians and the UPND will not be allowed to continue propagating hate and divisive politics.

 This country does not owe Hakainde Hichilema anything. They must deal with the frustrations in their hearts and begin to engage in civil politics.

This country is in need of progressive people and not violent cadres and thugs in the name of the opposition UPND .
 Why should they feel hurt by anything progressive and begin to cause confusion? Violence is lack of reasoning and if they are truly aggrieved about anything, let them engage the authorities.

We, therefore, reiterate our call on the police to be on the lookout for these criminals disguised as UPND cadres who are trying to incite people in markets and bus stations, so that they turn against a legitimate government of President Lungu.

Yours Truly,

Kennedy Kamba PF Secretary-Lusaka


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