People are still suffering despite voting for PF – Tutwa

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PF MP and Legal Counsel – Tutwa S Ngulube

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube says he will defend the people of Kabwe Central from being evicted by the Council from their homes.

Speaking when he featured on the Morning Talk Show program on Prime TV, Ngulube bemoaned the lack of organisation in land allocation in Kabwe, saying anyone can give out land in Kabwe.

He said the council wants to evict people from their land without compensation, something he said he would not allow.

He said it was sad that the council’s thirst for land was driving them to engage in displacement of people without considering their plight.

“They have no priority on land allocation. Kabwe has a lot of land which is free but they are displacing people. And everyone is giving out plots in Kabwe, the council, councillors and even con men are giving out plots. These people are disorganised so for me I have chosen to stand for the people who voted for me. Why should the council displace 20,000 people for a multi facility zone which will only employ 2000 people?  I will speak for these people because they voted for me to represent them and I will not allow the council to displace them without adequate compensation,” Ngulube said.

And the Kabwe PF lawmaker has expressed disappointment with the PF government saying people are still suffering despite voting for the party.

“We went door to door to campaign for PF telling people the good agriculture policies of PF. Kabwe is currently in a crisis, there is a lot of unemployment, up to now farmers have not received their agriculture inputs and when I talk people are pointing fingers on me, I want to tell you that I will continue to speak for the people of Kabwe Central because that is what I was voted to do and I cannot side with wrong things.”

He went on to accuse government of lacking coordination in running the affairs of the country.

He said his lamentations should not be misconstrued to mean that he was in bad books with the PF but that he would not shy away from the responsibility of speaking for the people.

“There is lack of coordination in the government everyone is doing his own thing, if people are to vote for us again we need to start from scratch, we need revolutionary ideas. I am still enjoying a good relationship with the PF and I will not be threatened to speak for the people.”

On the farming in puts Ngulube said the country is likely to have a hunger crisis.

He described the challenges faced with the implementation of the E-Voucher as giving an ATM to a person when you know that there is no money.

“I want to tell you that government should begin to prepare relief food for farmers because they will be hunger come next year. Because farming inputs have not been delivered on time and we all know that the farming season of our country is short as it runs from November  to April, now imagine up to today the 26th some farmers have not planted maize.

“The E-voucher has failed the farmers. We have some people with vouchers but still can’t access the inputs. It’s like giving someone an ATM and yet you know there is no money.”

Ngulube, famous for declaring Edgar Lungu as the duly elected party president at the controversial PF Convention in Kabwe after the demise of founder President Michael Sata said he did not regret what he did but that Zambians should judge the President by themselves.

“One thing that I know for sure is that president Lungu has a listening ear and he will hear and act on things we are telling him.

“I do not regret having made Lungu President at the convention when Sata died I think I did my part and it’s up for Zambians to judge for themselves on the performance of Edgar Lungu,” he said.


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  2. Do you really think people Will stop suffering! You must be funny no human will solve the problems of humanity even you yourself cannot not correct the dynamics that drives man into such issues even in America people are suffering and always want to change govts.

    December 28, 2017 at 11:48 am

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