Pay teachers who marked 2018 Grade 9 and 12 exams, demands HH

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We continue receiving reports of PF maladministration and incompetence in most government departments but nothing is more disturbing and scandalous than the information that our teachers who marked the 2018 Grade 9 and 12 final examinations have not been paid their dues, almost a year after they diligently carried out their duties.

We are further saddened to learn that the 2019 July GCE exams remain unmarked because the PF have no money to feed teachers who are supposed to mark these papers.

Any serious Government will treat the Education sector as a priority and critical area along side Agriculture and Health, but because of corruption, incompetence, lack of proper planning and misplaced preferences, the PF hanker for globe trotting with large delegations in luxury jets, as more important than paying teachers, buying medical drugs for our people in hospitals and boosting agriculture inorder to bring down prices of food especially mealie meal.

Civil servants in government ministries are working under very difficult circumstances because resources meant to help them run their departments smoothly are being diverted to reward PF politicians with huge traveling allowances for expensive and unnecessary foreign trips, and causing by elections.

We urge the PF to be humane for once and stop playing games with our teachers who marked the 2018 Grade 9 and 12 examination papers by paying them their dues immediately. They will need them to mark the 2019 exams soon.



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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31