Panga for panga could result into a civil war – Miti

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Laura Miti

Civil Right Activist Laura Miti has observed that the Panga for Panga calls by the opposition UPND to take on the ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) in Chilanga Constituency ahead of a by-election would led into a civil unrest.

Laura Miti writes:

UPND Youths running away from attack

I have noticed a significant number of UPND sympathizers are insisting that it is right for them to meet PF violence with violence. They are very upset at anyone who says there has to be another way. Well Zambians, I hope you understand that that is exactly how civil unrest starts. We are very efficiently ticking all the following boxes

1. President and ruling party who consistently deny their rivals their rights
2.Opposition parties who adopt the “we have no choice but to defend ourselves” doctrine
3. People so poor and so hungry they can be hired for a few coins
4. A deeply divided society that sees supporters of opposing political parties as sworn personal enemies
5. Dead and dying institutions of democracy. Judiciary, Parliament, Police carrying out the Executive’s bidding without question.
6. No identifiable voices of reason within the ruling party or other high office.
7. A deep sense of grievance in the opposition party
6. A church that has lost its mediating role and whose leaders have picked one side or the other.
7. Church leaders who fail to speak up against injustice.
8. Citizens frightened into silence or hoodwinked into complacency
9. Huge gap between the haves and have nots
10. Selective application of the law and absence of consequences for the connected who break the law.

Tapalie Ngoma!

By the way Zambians,
politicians and their connected have homes and fat accounts outside of Zambia.


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