Pamela’s disappearance with $400, 000

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Pamela Gondwe

By Yona Musukwa

It escapes my mind why a woman, Pamela Gondwe, with a good job working for an International bank, Barclays Bank, Longacres Branch, would decide to end her career by disappearing with US400,000 Cash, because of a swollen penis. Macabre! Pamela must have been honest and definitely worked hard for her to be entrusted with the Vault (Dollar Safe box). I have no doubt, for her to suddenly do this, it must be the work of her West African boyfriend. How do you commit a criminal offence, become a fugitive, risk going to jail for a long time and end your banking career just for a swollen penis? Pamela Why? I don’t understand why our women love these West African crooks. I remember one very tragic similar situation of a lady called Victoria working for a newly established international company as Operations Director. Victoria had everything going for her, a highly paying job, highly educated and hardworking. Her work and results spoke for themselves, and her employers loved her. As the company was trying to expand to West Africa, she was traveling frequently. And as fate would have it, she started dating a Nigerian, and his black swollen penis would make Victoria empty the Zambian accounts of this international company and headed to Nigeria for a new life with this Nigerian with a big black swollen penis. As soon as the money hit his account, mambala disappeared, leaving Victoria searching the whole Nigeria for her boyfriend. When it dawned on her that she has been scammed, she committed suicide right their in Lagos. Her family had to go and fetch her body. Pamela will be lucky if this relationship last more than the money she has stolen. Very soon, she will have no money, no boyfriend, only a nice title of fugitive.


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