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Over 300 bags of Maize looted in Mumbwa – Itezhi-Tezhi riot

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The Mumbwa riot has now extended to Itezhi- Tezhi District and over 300 bags of Maize have been looted according to reports.

Yesterday evening, Itezhi-Tezhi residents staged a riot by looting a private shed believed to be owned by Nkeyema businessman, Ernest Sikaonga and his Tanzanian partner, who was killed by a mob in Mumbwa District on Wednesday on suspicion of being a ritual killer.

Itezhi-Tezhi Member of Parliament Twaambo Mutinta yesterday confirmed the riot through a Facebook post.

“Sadly Mumbwa riots have extended to itezhi tezhi – targeting properties suspected to belong to Yakaipa

Am calling upon the residents of itezhi tezhi to be calm and desist from mob justice .
Right now we are re-enforcing security from various security wings.

Let’s avoid criminality”


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