Ours is to fix the economy not individuals – UPND

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The UPND says its leader Hakainde Hichilema and the party leadership are focused on finding strategies to end hunger and poverty in the country as opposed to fighting individuals like Geoffrey Mwamba, better known as GBM.

Reacting to remarks attributed to its former vice president, who is now a PF member, in which he promised to dismantle the UPND in the northern block and fix Hichilema, party secretary general Stephen Katuka says if fixing the UPND leader will end the country’s economic problems then the party welcomes “the new PF strategy”.

“We have noted media reports widely quoting PF Secretary General Davies Mwila while others are quoting our former Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, now a PF member, all saying they want to dismantle the UPND and fix our party President Hakainde Hichilema,” Katuka said in a statement today.

“We hope our citizens, especially the youth and women, are all seeing what matters the most to the PF officials as opposed to development, education and health.”

Katuka observed that UPND leader Hichilema took the high road following GBM’s acrimonious exit from the opposition party because his friendship with the latter went beyond politics.

“President Hichilema gave a very respectable and dignified message of farewell to the former Vice President which has so far been well respected by the party structures and the country at large. President Hichilema realises that his friendship with Mr Mwamba went beyond politics and included families of both. That is why Mr Hichilema has been magnanimous by maintaining a respectable distance from the howling and bawling of GBM.”

He said the opposition party is preoccupied with finding solutions to the economic problems created by the PF.

“While the PF manifesto and strategies are now that of dismantling the UPND and fixing Mr. Hichilema, our party President and the UPND leadership will continue strategizing on ending hunger and poverty in the country. That is cardinal and more urgent than ever before because it dwells on the survival of our people.

“The problems affecting our people is not Mr. Hichilema and as UPND we are more preoccupied in finding solutions to the PF created debt mountain, unpaid Zampost workers, Council workers, National Housing Authority employees, plus no money in people’s pockets, unreasonable taxes, corruption among top government officials, joblessness among youth, closure of CBU, unpaid farmers, among other issues that require strategizing, than personal feuds based on character assassination.

“If by fixing Mr. Hichilema and the UPND will address the economic challenges our citizens are facing, then as UPND, we wholeheartedly welcome the new PF manifesto of making President Hakainde Hichilema their favourite breakfast show topic and in doing so, let them be weary that they will not fool the people of Zambia.”

Mweanwhile, Mastone Moonze reports that the opposition UPND in Southern Province has warned its former vice president Geoffrey Mwamba against verbally attacking its leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Party provincial deputy spokesperson, Neto Halwabala alleges that GBM is disappointed because his attempt to take over the party leadership from Hichilema unconstitutionally has failed.

In an interview with Phoenix News in choma, Halwabala stated that the UPND does not thrive on hate speech but value unity and love.

He has since challenged Mr Mwamba to speak for the poor Zambians unlike concentrating on talking about Mr. Hichilema whose party he left.


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