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Our MP Mweetwa has abandoned us, complain Choma Residents

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Cornelius Mweetwa

Cornelius Mweetwa

Some villagers of Namuswa Ward in Choma Central Constituency in the Southern Province have accused their Area Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa of not visiting them since he was voted to Parliament in 2011, reports Zambian Eye Choma Correspondent.

The villagers complained at the weekend during a voter education exercise ahead of the January 20, 2015 Presidential Election.
One of the villagers Alfred Makumba 78yrs said it is sad that Mweetwa has not visited people in the area since he was elected MP in 2011.

Makumba disclosed that some of the electorates in the area do not even know him but voted for him just because of the good policies of the UPND charging that he risk losing his value in the area if he does not find time to visit them

Makumba called on Mweetwa to visit the area to learn the problems the people were facing than confiding himself to town .
He disclosed that people were facing a numerous problems such as bad roads, poor water supply, poor sanitation, long distances to polling stations, lack of teachers in rural schools and long distances to health centres by pregnant mothers as some of the problems people in the area were facing and were calling on the Area MP to sit with them and help how they can address them to Government.

Makumba further disclosed that Mweetwa was now becoming untouchable such that even when they call upon him in town he does even answer them or stop to greet elderly people who campaigned for him in the area
He said people in the area are not happy about Mr Mweetwa`s attitude and threatened to chase him if he goes there to seek for votes or campaigns.

Makumba added that MPs are elected so that they can facilitate development in their areas and wondered why Mweetwa did not bother to visit his electorates.

He said it will be sad to see Mr Mweetwa again during elections as this will be just a sign that he is interested in developing himself.
Makumba stressed that it was the some people that he was looking down now who he will still come back to and ask for a job to go back to Parliament in 2016

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Mweetwa by cell phone proved futile.


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