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Our calls for an early general election have been justified – MMD

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Opposition MMD says the nullification of its Kasenengwa Parliamentary Seat by Supreme Court on Monday has justified calls to have a fresh general election.

MMD leader Nevers Mumba in his special address to the nation demanded that President Sata immediately calls for fresh elections instead of continuing with the by-elections. He charged that if the Parliamentary elections were not free then the election of President Sata was equally not free and fair. But these calls were dismissed by President Sata who called Dr. Mumba as a desperate person.

Following the nullification of another seat and many more anticipated, MMD has insisted that a snap fresh general election be called to stop the by-elections that have been ongoing since the 2011 polls.

“The nullification of the newest seat shows what we have been talking about all along that the PF’s appetite for elections will continue which is why we are calling for general elections,” said Muhabi Lungu who is Director of Communications in the MMD President’s office.

Lungu said the the MMD anticipated the nullification of Kasenengwa seat adding that the trend has been that all cases that have been dismissed but appealed to Supreme court have had these seats nullified.

The MMD leader has stated that 33 of his party’s seats have been targeted.


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