Opposition will field one candidate if that’s what the people want – Kambwili

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Opposition leaders confer

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Leader Chishimba Kambwili has hinted that the Opposition Alliance may field one Presidential candidate in the 2021 if need be and that he is ready to be led by whoever is chosen.

Speaking on a Hot FM’s radio show dubbed ‘Hot Seat’, Kambwili said the Zambian people hold the key to the direction the Opposition Alliance will take, stressing that he has no problem working with his colleagues in the alliance.

“If you want to lead, you must first accept to be lead,” Kambwili emphasised when host Zack Chavula asked if he would be led by another person since he is also a chosen presidential pandidate for the NDC.

Kambwili insisted that if the Zambian people want the NDC and the UPND to work together, they will respect the wishes of the people.

He said his party will be open to entering into a pact with UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema’s in order to deliver Zambians from the what he termed Patriotic Front’s misrule.

“We will listen to the people, if the people want us to wok together, we will have to respect their wishes and form some kind of an alliance like the Kenyans did,” Kambwili said.

“The mistake that we politicians make is to dictate to the people on what he think the people want, that shouldn’t be the case. We will listen to the Zambians and hear their views.”

On Mwenya Musenge’s continued hanging on to the Secretary General position despite being reassigned to the position of chiefs and traditional affairs chairperson by the party, Kambwili said Musenge has been funded by the ruling party to destabilize the NDC.

“The PF is so scared of the Alliance. Me and my brother Elisha Matambo from UPND led campaigns in Roan. And we beat them square and now they have no direction. They have resorted to funding confused people like Musenge,” Kambwili said


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