Opposition MPs walk out on Chitotela in Parliament

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Members of Parliament from the opposition have piled on the pressure for Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela to either resign or be dismissed after they walked out of the National Assembly this morning in protest against his continued stay in the house.

This was after Chitotela stood to respond to a question from Shang’ombo MP Mubika Mubika during a question and answer session.

Mubika wanted to know when government intends to construct communication towers and how many are expected, including which areas stand to benefit from the project.

But when Chitotela rose to respond to the question, lawmakers from the left side of the house walked out in protest against his continued discharge of authority amidst corruption charges.

And Kafue Member of Parliament, Mirriam Chonya told Byta FM News that the opposition MPs will continue to deny Chitotela audience until he is relieved of his duties to pave way for fair justice.

She adds that they will only be going back in the National Assembly when he is done with his responses.

Chitotela is facing corruption charges, but President Edgar Lungu has refused to fire him saying he is innocent until proven guilty – a situation seen by critics as an obstruction of fair justice.


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