Opposition is inciting vendors to rise against PF govt, claims Col. Chanda

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Lusaka province Minister Col. Gerry Chanda

Lusaka province Minister Col Gerry Chanda has claimed that the opposition is inciting street vendors to rise against the elected PF government.
Col Chanda revealed that he had information that some politicians from the opposition were inciting the street vendors to defy government direction to leave the streets in order to create problems that would result into riots.
“There is a political hand inciting vendors to defy government so that vendors riot against this elected government,” Col Chanda claimed. “They (opposition) want a quick exist of the PF government.”
When asked which opposition political party was inciting the vendors, Col Chanda refused to disclose but said the government will take action once it is proved.
Col. Chanda who said he was also wondering why the traders opt selling from the streets when the markets are empty stated that he was engaging the vendors. He said his earlier ultimatum for vendors to leave the streets was July 30, 2012. After the vendors having defied the order Col Chanda said he was extending the deadline to November 30, 2012 so he could continue to engage the vendors.
When asked to comment that perhaps the vendors were adamant because the PF government had not given the jobs they promised during campaigns, Col Chanda reaffirmed the promise. The Minister said the PF alternative to create jobs was the Zambia National Service skills training which he said some politicians again had opposed.
He said the National service skills training will help to create employment and hence reduce the unemployment that has been created by the MMD for 20 years. He said those against just wanted the PF government to fail.
Asked why there has been influx of vendors to the streets from the time the PF formed government, Col Chanda said some of the vendors are from neighbouring Zimbabwe, Congo DR and Tanzania. He said the vendors from these neighbouring countries facing economic challenges are trying to take advantage of the situation in Zambia.
Col Chanda also said street vending was legal under the PF government. Explaining the position of government on street vending, he said the PF had legalized vending. He explained that the PF allows vendors to trade from the streets until alternative places and jobs are provided to them.
The Minister was speaking when he was hosted on Sunday Interview programme on ZNBC Television by Kenneth Maduma.


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