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Opposition Alliance is like Croaking Frogs in Stagnant Water

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Opposition leaders during a media briefing

By Justin Mupundu

The ten Opposition political parties that have formed an alliance against President Edgar Lungu are like croaking frogs in stagnant water.

Croaking frogs can only pause if they hear any footsteps. Naturally, frogs croak ceaselessly throughout all their short life -span.

However, whenever stagnant water dries up because of the heat of the sun they feel threatened, and they would cease their harsh hoarse utterances.

More so, frogs are amphibians or various tailless stout-bodied animals with long hind for leaping that live on land or water. But unlike crocodiles, they make an unintelligible noise.

Similarly, the said ten opposition political parties have a history of croaking or making noise on non- issues or issues that are already settled by the Court of law.

First and foremost, why should the ‘so-called’ popular opposition political parties be jittery about President Lungu’s presidential bid in 2021?

The answer is simple! The United Party for National Development (UPND)‘s Hakainde Hichilema, who has lost elections five times ,does not see himself becoming the next Republican President with President Lungu’s name on the ballot box.

Secondly, the Opposition alliance is part of Hichilema’s series of a scheme to force President Lungu‘s exit from power after his attempts at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) flopped.

However, Zambians, in their collective intelligence fully knows the disguised opposition alliance’s evil agenda, would not relegate their power by voting for those who come in sheep’s clothing when they are wolves.

Zambians would also not lend their ears to the unintelligible noise or dissonant sound as they naturally distaste the frogs’croaking sound.

Further, the opposition political parties’ recently announced alliance has further eroded their relevance on the Zambian politics.

Opposition political parties should remain relevant to the political dispensation by practicing issue-based politics, and not blowing non-issues out of proportion to gain cheap political mileage.

By this time Zambians fully knows without doubt that the opposition political parties are fighting President Lungu for their own selfish reasons, and not fighting for the ordinary people’s rights.

The author is a media consultant and political analyst




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