Opinion: Presidential appointments – What they say about what lies ahead

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By Kellys Kaunda

How the Presidency of Mr. Edgar Lungu will run its course could, to a large extent, be seen from his appointments of Aides and Ministers.

Since he has just begun the appointments’ process, let me share some thoughts hoping they add value to this part of his responsibilities.

Among the President’s appointments will be those intended to reward loyalty demonstrated during his rise to the office of president. Others may be his long time friends who know him at a personal level. This latter category of appointments is necessary because President Lungu will need constant emotional support from those that know his strengths and weakness.

The third category of appointments will consist of men and women selected for their competencies. These competencies may include clusters or sectors such as Social, Economics, Governance and Security. The State House Organogram must reflect these competencies so that the President may be aided in monitoring developments in his government on a daily basis.

The solutions to the problems and challenges that Zambia faces lie in the hearts of each and every one of the President’s appointed officials. How he gets them to release these solutions is a function of leadership. President Lungu will have to demonstrate that he has what it takes to motivate officers of the State to embrace their duties as a personal mission.

Zambia has the basic capital required to develop emotionally and physically. These include technically qualified human beings and personally motivated to work for an honest livelihood. The country is also endowed with natural resources awaiting exploration.

The two forms of capital – human and natural – must be guided to interface effectively and efficiently. This is the summary of the responsibilities of a head of State – President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

About the Author

Kellys Kaunda is a veteran Journalists who has worked for both local and International Media.


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