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OPINION: International Women’s Day turned into a political display on the support and following

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By Stembridge Sikalundu
These events have been hijacked for political supremacy , the strength of using resources for political mobilisation is very much visible at these events because of the logistics and other support which benefit people that follow . It is undeniable that women are the majority in population numbers , we see women belonging to various political organisations displaying their alligeance through support and dress code , these kinds of activities have been going on for some time now , but at the level these public scenes are being done, they have been taken to the next level ,it is a political back to back kind of situation . My postmortem reveals that the UPND party must up their game .
The former ruling party has continued to spend resources extravagantly on their people to maintain support and mobilise more people , leaders were close to their people when they were in govt ,and they have continued to be more closer while in opposition , they organise convenient places where their members have to take on their meals and money after some of these events , it is interesting to see former MP’S organising women displaying placards of different constituencies in the copperbelt . These events are becoming symbolic and taking a more Political agenda to display supreme values by financially empowering party members at these events .
These activities have become strategic where a lot of money is being spent to inferior other political or none governmental organizations , the old style of TANTANENI is working for the PF , how can govt regulate these activities from becoming campaign avenues ? , we have laws that guide on campaigns , but such involvement we are seeing mafias taking pecuniary advantage . These events are targeting huge funding , in a country where the majority are living in abject poverty , rigidities must be stream linened .
This is a very typical example that no political party can do without carders , and these party followers need different forms of support from their leaders all the time , PF is collaborating with the grassroot because they are taking resources there to support their followers , how many people can continue following and supporting on voluntary grounds without instant benefits ? , people need to survive everyday . Zambia is a third world country and the majority people are wallowing in abject poverty , to keep members following they need their leaders closer to support them , if leaders keep their status at far on the roof tops , down there the following diminishes , the party remains standing without a stem.
What we see happening in real life are lessons that must help to change the way we approach the means of doing things , since 2015 a lot has happened in this country prior and post elections , those who are learning understand what is supposed to be improved on , rigidities that do not help organisations to grow should be done away with , new modalities are very important to adapt in order to change the failures . If you are used to hunting an elephant with a bow and arrow , you understand how you struggle to bring the huge animal down , it is better to improve and find better ways of easing the fatigue of killing one big animal than relying on old tricks , because one day the animal can Stan your thinking , you will discover it started living in the water and not on land . God bless mother Zambia .

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