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Opinion: HH the economist but very selfish economist

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Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

By Japhet Chongo

He understands economics and practices economics that only enriches himself and not the public.
He understands economics of scale and it is a proven fact that he hates those economics that is why his products and services sell at the highest price maximise profit in order to enrich himself.
Dangote on the other hand practices economics of scale. These benefit the end user as they invest in mass production reducing the commodity price and still maximising the profit.
Our president does not need to be an economist to run the nation but he has identified real selfless businessmen like Dangote to help build the nation. We do not need the selfish birds of same feathers like GBM and Hechi Hechi whose products only make them millionairs and bring poverty to the ordinary consumer.
If someone says Hechi Hechi is an economist, they should not forget to say he is a selfish economist whose has refused to practice the economics of scale that reduce commodity prices.
Zambia does not need selfish economists to run the nation.


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