Open letter to President Lungu

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President Lungu

President Lungu

Dear sir,

Hope and trust you are well and the family at large. First and foremost I would like to congratulate your successfull launch of campaign at Heroes stadium here in Lusaka on 21 May 2016 and all the best in your campaigns ahead of this years elections. Your excellency I am indepted to some of the happenings in this years elections that I have decided to seek your audience.

I am a male young zambian citizen who follows the current fairs of this great country under your guidance and rule, your excellency as the father of the nation sir I am saddened by the behaviour of your known and unknown part officials or cadres for their contineous behaviour of removing party posters belonging to UPND’s HH. Its a disturbing and unfair pill to swallow such that your posters erected in some parts of the country are freely left alone but why are they doing this? I know you don’t have an answer to this but they do it in the name of PF and you are the leader of that PF. There has been no official statement or law allowing only PF posters to be erected, a word from you condeming or stoping these acts would easy the situation which so annoying, frustrating and disturbing.

Your excellency am seeing this for the first time in my country and its not good, I might have been young when MMD was campaigning to unseat UNIP but I was a fully grown up person during the period that PF was in opposition led by then (HE late SATA) it has never happened before.

You might have heard rumours of opposition crying foul from the police service, opposition reacting to certain provocations and so many things sir these are incredients that spices the vice. I don’t hold any position in UPND to speak on their behalf but as a concerned citizen the future repitition of Zambian politics is the foundation am witnessing today and its very bad.

Is it a crime to belong to the opposition where others take law in their hands but the reactions from the other side is responded with fierce force!

Official complaints have been launched by the party officials to the respectable authority but still the vice continues to escalet which leaves the police or stake-holders as compromised.

Your excellency I said its annoying and not good but I don’t know if you are aware of this trend which is fueling concerned people like me with anger.

Personaly if I find one doing that with all my power I would drag him Or her to police and if they are many sir that would be my death because I know I will die with one of them, but if he or she is alone I will drag him or her to any nearest police station and demand justice at the first reception (mark my words), make it official if its not allowed for UPND to have posters as the case was last year when DR Chishimba Kambwili gave a directive to have posters removed for the opposition (though it was wrong for reasons not needed here) as law abiding citizens we will be quiet over it unlike what’s happenening, this is time for campaigns all political parties should be considered as important and I wish we could be free to hold opposing views but live in harmony and peace to uphold our one Zambia one nation motto: Zambia is not for PF alone neither is Lusaka or part of this country should be regarded exceptions for PF, your excellency believe this life is not easy on the streets for the opposition even when you have done nothing, we are maginalized, condemned and threatened from all angles, right, center and left, its just that some of us are strong to repel some unfairly acts of intimidations such as the freedom of movements and so on. Your excellency why should I live in fear in my own country from putting on UPND T-shirt or cape?

There is no law supporting that, and for that I refuse to be intimidated when I know very well that with my right sense of humor I would never intimidate someon for anything, so then why should someone attack me and go free?

Zambia is bigger than elections, political parties come and go but the sovereignty of this nation should come first and we need each other as inter-dependant beings regardless of our political affiliations as our father of this country guide us and don’t just react when its UPND that has done wrong and have a deaf ear when reports like these are deposited to your attention, wether we like it or not you are our president for all of us and not for PF alone for certain people to have superior dominance over others it creats unrests as this case because it costs money to have posters and bilboards erected which are being brought down almost daily and nobody seems to care of the repecursions or how others feel.

Not to bore you sir, there are many issues that needs your attention please look into this issue and address it as quick as it can be done because when trouble starts over reactions of these behaviours all of us will be arrested for reacting to the provocations that are being ignored now.

Thank you your excellency may God bless you. One Zambia one nation.

By Edward Roy Makayi.
(Views and suggestions do not respresent any views or items of UPND or its leadership, its purely mine and no one should be accountable for it other than me) Say yes to violence free elections.


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