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Once voted in, no more load shedding – HH had promised

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ZESCO announced the 6 hours load shedding which started yesterday January 3, 2023 even when President Hakainde Hichilema promised the Zambian people that once he is voted into power they will be no load shedding.

President Hichilema said when United Party for National Development ( UPND) takes over power in 2021, they would ensure to harness all God given resources from water, wind and sunlight to ensure they maximize them into electricity generation for the benefit of industry and ordinary citizens in all communities.

In a Facebook post dated August 10, 2020, President Hichilema said load shedding of ZESCO electricity power is something that the Patriotic Front (PF) have run out of lies to flaunt as excuses.

He said in simple terms, they have run out of power over ZESCO power outages, that is in turn costing struggling businesses, especially small scale entrepreneurs millions of Kwacha every day.

“Late last year (2019) PF party announced through its mobilization official, that load shedding would end within six months. Later the story graduated into a new theory of the rate at which water travels from Victoria Falls to the Kariba Dam as being a determing factor, on when load shedding would end. However the intensity of outages even increased further, with certain parts of the country being blacked out for more than 14hrs per day for weeks and months on end.

“The 2019/2020 rain season has been the heaviest in years and water catchment in most of Zambia’s waterways has been bursting at the seams, so then what is the real problem? Fellow citizens, this is no longer a factor of how much water is needed to generate electricity, but how much more incompetence of the PF will Zambia put up with. Zambia holds more water bodies than any other SADC member, and yet electricity remains a scarce and endangered resource in this country. The question is why?

“When UPND takes over power next year, we will ensure we harness all our God given resources from water, wind and sunlight, to ensure we maximize them into electricity generation for the benefit of industry and ordinary citizens in all our communities. This we will do by inviting credible local and foreign investors to partner with Zambian citizens, especially the youth in investment in solar, wind and geothermal power generation, and ultimately bring the electricity tariffs to affordable levels for the benefit of all our people,” President Hichilema said.


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