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Oasis Forum to protect new constitution process with a bill

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The Oasis Forum has announced plans to come up with a private members bill to present to Parliament with the intention of protecting the current constitution making process and the contents of the new constitution.

This follows a multi-stakeholder consultative meeting to review the legislative framework of the current constitution-making process in anticipation of the forthcoming final draft Constitution.

The multi-stakeholder consultative meeting that was held this morning drew participants from the Law Association of Zambia, the Council of Churches in Zambia, the Zambia Episcopal Conference and the Non-Governmental Organization Coordinating Council among others.

Oasis Forum Spokesperson Cleophas Lungu has also disclosed during a media briefing in Lusaka this afternoon that the OASIS Forum has also resolved to explore all legal options to ensure that the current constitutional making process is successful.

Fr. Lungu who is also Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) Secretary General has further told journalists that the OASIS Forum has further resolved to ensure that the content of the final draft Constitution meets the basic minimum requirements of an ideal constitution as expressed by the people in the country.

Fr. Lungu has also reiterated the need for the Patriotic Front government to immediately appoint a referendum commission and provide in the 2014 National Budget funds for the national referendum.

Fr. Lungu says the OASIS Forum further suggests that the PF government ensures that the entire final Constitution be subjected to a referendum on the basis of a “yes” or a “no” vote.

He further adds that the OASIS Forum is also of the view that once the draft Constitution has been subjected to a vote and accepted by the people during the referendum, it should be enacted by Parliament without any debate.

The OASIS Forum has since affirmed its stance to continue advocating for the enactment of a constitution that represents the interests and aspirations of all the people in Zambia.



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