Ntewewe denies masquerading allegations

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YALI president Andrewe Ntewewe says he will not waste time responding to false allegations from individuals who are not part of his organization.

Responding to media reports that his organization has been masquerading as an affiliate of the Obama leaders initiative Ntewewe said his organisation is registered at PACRA.

Ntewewe explained that his organisation has never claimed to be an affiliate of the US government but that the US and YALI are partners.

“As the Young African Leaders Initiative we have seen the media speculation by individuals whom we do not know. These are not part of the YALI as established in Zambia in 2011. 

“We want to put it on record that at no any time have we indicated that we are an affiliate of the US government. The US government has been a partner of YALI to support our activities but from inception in 2011 we are very independent. We make our own decisions so the organization YALI is here to stay. It is governed by articles of association and we are not going to be moved individuals who are not registered in Zambia.

“We can’t be move by an organization which not even registered in Zambia because it will be denying the institutional memory and the values that the institution stands for us to be moved by individuals who are not even registered, if they were a company or an organization will would respond to them comprehensively,” he said.

Meanwhile Ntewewe says YALI has notified the Registrar of Companies that imposters have been sponsored by a known Zambia politician working and civil society activists to generate confusion in an attempt to legitimise a body that is not legally recognised by Zambian laws. 

In a letter dated Monday, 08 April 2019, Ntewewe stated that some imposters whose intention is to conduct anti-government operations in Zambia while running unregistered entity not recognised by the law have been sponsored to destabilise the operations of the Young African Leaders Initiative which was duly registered on 6th January, 2011 under the laws of Zambia. 

“YALI was formed in Zambia in November, 2010 following attendance of the President’s Forum for Young African Leaders (PFYAL) held in the US and officially registered in 2011. For any organisation to operate in Zambia, it must be legally registered by either the Registrar of societies, companies or NGOs. 

“YALI has received funding from the US Government and other foreign Governments from 2011. In 2017 YALI received funding in excess of K1 million to conduct the TechCamp in 2017 in Lusaka involving youth leaders from Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other countries outside the region,” reads the latter in part. 

Ntewewe explained that the directors of Young African Leaders Initiative have no desire whatsoever to effect any change of name to allow an illegal entity not recognised by law to champion an anti-government agenda.

He said the plans to destabilise YALI by placing various imposters have existed for a while but that they will not succeed.

YALI has since instructed its lawyers to prosecute any individual found breaching Zambia’s corporate laws in its name. 

A Mr. Wilfred Chilufya has purported to have been elected as Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Centre South Africa (YALI RLCSA) Zambian Chapter, an organisation that is not recognised by law in Zambia and is operating illegally.


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