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Not safe to hold rallies in Lusaka compounds, Police tells UPND

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Police says the current security situation in Lusaka has made densely populated areas not suitable for public rallies.
Lusaka province Commissioner stated in a letter to opposition UPND that has been seeking to hold public rallies in the Zambian capital. UPND application to hold a rally this time around in Chawama has also been denied by Police.
“You are strongly advised to choose an open and sparsely populated area for the venue of your political rally, where safety of the people will be guaranteed,” read Lusaka province Commissioner Dr Solomon Jere’s letter in parts.
Last week the Police turned down the application twice for the opposition to hold a rally in Kanyama another township in Lusaka citing first lack of manpower saying the officers would be busy with the Zambia / Uganda match which was held on Saturday a day before the applied date for the rally.
Then the UPND applied to have the rally this Sunday September 16, 2012 but Police denied saying the venue was a subject of litigation since the party had taken the State to court for stopping the rally despite a court order.


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