Not everyone has a price

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One of the most stupid mistakes drug dealers, bandits and mafia have made is to think that anyone can be bought. That is why if a “smart” mafia cannot buy a cop, he kills that cop.

PF has bought the loyalty of many people within the system. The have a DPP who comes up with ridiculous charges, a Constitutional Court that contradicts itself and a police service so cheap they can hurt people to death. PF have even bought opposition candidates before, just to win bye-elections. They buy voters, they buy defectors and buy favorable news coverage from Daily Nation and radio stations.

Here is the catch. Not everyone has a price. You cant out-price a revolution. You cant out-price a patriot who decides to save his country.

Those they have bought today, will have an “Integrity trip” when change is imminent. The stakes get higher when things become desperate.

Sesheke voters who have been hard to buy are now being fumigated by the same people promising them development. That is how evil these politicians are, when the want votes you are not a human being, you are just a potential ballot paper.

Sesheke is a snipet of 2021 for PF. They failed to buy the UPND candidate, failed to buy voters, found electorates who are not interested in musicians twerking for votes. And the pangas have had to used to swat insects live bees, flies and wasps.

You can set a price on some people and buy these selfish Zambians. But a citizen interested in the prosperous Zambia, a violence-free Zambia and united Zambia will be priceless in 2021.

Richard W


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