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Not every rich person is a satanist – Nevers

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IMG-20160725-WA0001Nevers Mumba has counseled some “lazy” Christians who find comfort and solace in their laziness and poverty by branding  every rich person a Satanist and believe that poverty-stricken Christians are the genuine Christians.

Speaking in Luwingu at a joint ‘Zambia United Alliance’s’ campaign rally  with UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in their continued campaigns to drum up support for the UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema,  Dr. Mumba challenged Christians to change their “backward” thinking  and prosper as it is their covenant birthright instead of being envious of those who are prosperous.

He said Mwamba began engaging in private business ventures by applying his strong  in-born entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age and through his dedication to hard work and business sense, managed to  create wealth which laid a strong financial base for his businesses and his family.  He said the same applies to UPND President Hakainde  Hichilema who, from a very humble, rural background of herding cattle in the village, embraced hard work, self-discipline, a passion for education, to emerge  as one of the most prosperous  businessmen in the country also at a young age, but Instead of celebrating such successful Zambians, some  lazy, envious ‘pull-him-down’ Christians and political opponents find it more comforting to call such people Satanists and heap all kinds of verbal abuse on them, which he said was most unfortunate. 

IMG-20160725-WA0003Meanwhile, Dr. Mumb, who leads one faction of the former ruling party, has urged the people of Luwingu not to be cheated by President Lungu’s deceptive calls for prayer and fasting every time he sees his political fortunes dwindling as he was the one fanning political violence which he exhibited when he set the police  to attack and tear-gas  a peaceful indoor MMD Provincial meeting in Lundazi a few months ago and thereafter immediatedly transfered the concerned police officer to State House on promotion as reward for a ‘job well done.’

He called upon all MMD and UPND supporters countrywide to join together and vote for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in order to remove the PF from power and save country from a dictatorial leadership for another 5 years.

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