Northern Province is my bedroom, don’t enter it – GBM

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In a leaked phone conversation, suspended United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, better know as GBM, tells a Chingola-based member that his boss Hakainde Hichilema must not enter his “bedroom”, Northern Province.

GBM is also heard telling a man who introduced himself as “Kapungwe the Jerabo from Chingola” that had been sidelined after Hichilema met Democratic Party Leader Harry Kalaba and promised him the Vice Presidency.

The phone conversation is believed to have taken place prior to GBM’s suspension from the UPND for gross misconduct.

“Balikumenye Harry Kalaba no kumulaya bu Vice President, [They met Harry Kalaba and promised him the Vice Presidency]” GBM said.

But Kapungwe advised GBM to instead reconcile with Hichilema and unite the party. Kapungwe advised him not to believe rumours, but GBM almost got agitated and said Kalaba in fact confirmed that Hichilema offered the Vice Presidency

“Elo umfwa iwe Kapungwe, uyowine HH, alikumanya abena Kambwili na Kalaba no kubalaya bu Vice President ukwabula ukuti ine njishibe , aba Bemba beka beka [Listen Kapungwe, this same HH met Kambwili and Kalaba and promised them Vice Presidency, without telling me, he met only Bembas]

“Abantu aba batuchita disappoint balatwalanga Ku mano. Balefwaya ukutoposa panse. [These people have disappointed us, they are playing on our minds. They want to throw us outside],” he complained.

“Bamwene kwati nabakwata abantu saana. Tabeshibe ati abantu bambi ninebo naleta. Bamwene kwati ine shaletapo abantu. Limbi balefwaya Chishimba Kambwili, [They thinks they have so much people. They think i have not brought people in. Maybe they want Chishimba Kambwili]”

Meanwhile, GBM warned that HH must not enter his bedroom in Kasama as he doesn’t interfere with structures in Southern Province.

“Mumwebe aleke ukulanda kufya Ku Kasama bushe ine ndalandako kufya ku Southern Province, [Tell him to stop getting involved in Kasama issues as I don’t interfere with Southern Province],” GBM warned.

GBM also lamented that he has spent so much money on creating structures for him to allow HH to dissolve.

“Naliposa indalama ukupanga ama structures . Wayachita dissolve uko umunobe aleposa ulupiya? I have spent a lot in making structures. How can you dissolve where your friend is spending?]” GBM asked

Mumwebe, mwilamona ati ni filya mwachitile Canissius Banda.Mumwebe aleke ukulanda kuli GBM, [ Tell him. Don’t think you can do what you did to Canissius Banda to me. Tell him! He must stop talking about GBM].”

Yesterday, the UPND National Management Committee suspended GBM for gross misconduct and has been given seven days in which he can exculpate himself in why he should not be disciplined.

The audio recording is making rounds on social media, confirming just how deep the differences the opposition party has had between the President and his deputy.


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