No sex with royal virgins, Kwilimuna Patrons warned

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The Royal Virgins at Kwilimuna traditional ceremony

Kwilimuna Patrons warned against having sex with royal virgins, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent at the traditional ceremony in Mpongwe.

Kwilimuna traditional Ceremony Master of ceremonies warned patrons who gathered to witness the ceremony against having sex with the virgins of Chieftainess Malembeka royal village Ibenga.

“Please do not even have a thought of having sex with these virgins or else something terrible can happen to you”, the master of ceremonies warned.

The virgins of the royal village are the first hand girls used for carrying out assignments by Chieftainess Malembeka.

They are the ones who dance along side the Lamba traditional cousins Benambushi when the Chieftainess is lifted shoulder high hence should be blameless and should be girls who have not tested any man.

Chieftainess Malembeka pays for their school fees and takes a close eye on their day today livelihood.


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  1. Will they be raped or they will do it willingly?

    Idiocy Detector
    July 31, 2019 at 7:58 am

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