No reasonable person would want to vote for PF – Katele

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Katele Kalumba

Katele Kalumba

Former Finance Minister Dr. Katele Kalumba has charged that there is no reasonable Zambian who would want to vote for Patriotic Front in the Tuesday Presidential election.

Speaking on a special election programme via telephone from Chienge on Hot FM Radio, Dr. Kalumba charged that the misrule exhibited by PF cannot be allowed to continue after Tuesday’s Presidential election. He said he was confident that Zambians will show the PF the door for having lied into power.

Dr. Kalumba said the Donch Kubeba slogan of cheating cannot be allowed to continue. He explained that the PF came into power on the platform of changing Zambia within their famous ’90 days’ period. He said it was sad that after Zambians gave them a mandate based on their campaign promises they are now saying it was just campaigning.

He said the violence that has characterised the PF reign should be stopped using the ballot on Tuesday. He bemoaned that the freedom fought for by Freedom fighters during Independence was now being taken away from citizens by the PF.

Dr. Kalumba said the PF was now ruling the country using pangas to intimidating citizens who have different views from theirs, a situation he says must be changed by electing opposition UPND president Hakande Hichilema whom he says was the best candidate among those contesting.

He explained that he had decided to back the Hakainde Hichilema’s candidature because of the good policy and programme his party was selling to Zambians. He said the economic challenges the country is facing needs an economic manager which Hichilema was. He said unlike others, Hichilema has been consistent and clear on what his vision.

Dr. Kalumba dismissed assertions that Hichilema lacks experience since he has never served as Minister or in government. He said having interacted with Hichilema when he served as Minister he was certain that he was the best man for the job at this point in time.
He said the PF was driving the economy into a debt trap which the previous government worked so hard to clear. He said through borrowing in the last three years Zambia’s debt stands at 8 billion dollars. He explained that this will be a big challenge for the president who will be elected on Tuesday hence the need to have a person with a skill and understanding on how to fix the economy.

On Luapula being a stronghold of PF, Dr. Kalumba said this was a wish. He said the person the people of Luapula had voted for was not there and that the PF will be judged based on its performance. He explained that under the PF the cost of living has become so high citing a 25Kg of mealie meal now fetching K80 from K35 under MMD reign.

Dr. Kalumba appealed to Zambians to give an opportunity to Hichilema by voting for him on January 20 presidential elections for a better Zambia.


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