No more health professions training for the poor in Zambia

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By Michael Mwanza

In a twist of fate, The government through the ministry of Health has increased the practical attachment fees for all medical/Health training programs in Zambia. The increase change from pay k70 to now paying k450 and others paying k1000 per week during the attachment to health facilities it be Hospital or clinic. This is according to the attached circular. This has come as a shock to many poor Zambians who had their children wishing to persuade health courses. By the way currents Health professions courses fees are already high ranging from k16, 000 to k40,000 per year. I may also mention that most courses require students to do attachments in almost every year of training for about 6 to 12 weeks. Other than the expensive school fees, now students are required to pay minimum of K4,500 extra for attachments.

Remember most Zambians are either civil servants with already poor salaries or are struggling with poor business or are farmers whose payments from sale of farming inputs are delayed, or farming are expensive. Where will they get money to pay for children.

The PF govt which strongly based it’s campaign on Propoor Party mobilization and Christianity, has suddenly twisted it’s whip on poor Zambians now.

As if this is not enough, the attachment fee paid by students was meant to help health facilities buy supplies for students to use. The PF has since directed all students to make payments through a Central Bank account. Will this money really be given to intended health facilities? How and when.

Could this be a Donchi Kubeba or Dununa reverse slogan which we danced and enjoyed during campaigns?

Did Poor Zambians vote for songs or ProPoor Party in PF?

President Lungu think of of the people who voted for you, think of the poor people danced and celebrated your win with Hope. Why whip them now? Why shutter their dreams.

Kindly reverse this and educate your people.

Michael Mwanza


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