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No mining in lower Zambezi – Govt

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Government has bowed to pressure not to allow mining activities to take place in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

During a joint presser hosted by Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa and Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela the trio re-emphasized President Lungu’s commitment fight to Climate Change and noted that there will be no mining allowed in the Lower Zambezi.

The two line ministers; tourism and mines further revealed that there has been no report by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency to allow the activity thus government will not allow any mining in the Lower Zambezi.

Meanwhile, Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Richard Musukwa has disclosed that his ministry has canceled over 840 mining licenses.

Musukwa has warned that all those with mining licenses are not into operation risk their licenses canceled.

He emphasized that all those holding licenses whether small scale or large scale and are not doing anything in terms of exploration and mining will lose their licenses.

Musukwa said his ministry wants to see to it that the minerals are developed.

“Let me take advantage of this platform to announce that we have so far canceled in excess of 840 mining licenses that have been held for speculations in order to free the ground and give opportunity to both locals and foreigners,” he said.

“Higher preference is being targeted to local Zambians to migrate not only at small scale but large scale exploration and mining.”

The Mines and Minerals Development Minister also indicated that the government is creating linkages for small scale miners with banking facilities for them to acquire loans to undertake mining exploration and consequently start mining operations.

“For small scale miners, government’s role in the mining sector is to provide an enabling environment to spur exploration and eventually mining. We have had some engagements with the European Union (EU) who has been helping in terms of funding and logistical operations especially to do with equipment.”

Musukwa further said his ministry is in the forefront to ensure that it links small scale miners with large scale miners to help them develop the resource.


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