No legal provision for Constitution making, it is another Donchi Kubeba – Brig. Gen. Miyanda

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Leader of the opposition Heritage Party Brig. Gen. Miyanda has observed that the ongoing constitution making process in Zambia has no legal bases.

Brig. Gen. Miyanda says unlike the previous bodies formed in the past to come up with the constitution had legal bases they were formed despite the loopholes. He said in a detailed statement  that has also been published on our Special Comment Page that the current constitution making process has no legal base what so ever under which the body was formed by President Michael Sata.

“The Government has to date not indicated under which law the creature came into existence. Previous ones used to be under the Inquiries Act which civil society condemned,” Brig. Gen. Miyanda said. “But today there is not even the Inquiries Act or any other provision of the law – it is ‘Donchi Kubeba’ all over again.

Brig. Gen. Miyanda who served as Vice President and Minister under MMD’s Frederick Chiluba government recalls that when the President Sata announced the establishment of this so-called “Committee of Experts,” he did NOT state under which law he had done that.

The Heritage Leader has warned that he is convinced that Zambians will once again be taken for a ride. He said with the routine poaching of opposition MPs, promoted by the President Sata, the numbers in the National Assembly are daily being manipulated and inflated in favour of the Executive with no legal safeguards.

“Fellow Zambians, the writing is on the wall; do not come and say that we did not ‘kubeba’ you!” said Brig. Gen. Miyanda. Detailed statement


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