No court in Zambia can stop Lungu’s ‘3rd term’ bid, Advocates for Bill 10

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The advocates for Bill 10 say nothing will stop President Edgar Lungu from seeking re-election next year, as no court in the land can entertain the idea to hear such an application against the head of state.

The body urged all, those who are toying with the idea of wanting to petition the President over his re-election bid, to drop the idea, saying Lungu cannot be taken to court, therefore no court can stop him.

“According to the Constitution, you cannot take a sitting President to court. Even a former President cannot be taken to court without the approval of parliament,” they said, adding that no court in Zambia can try Lungu.

The advocates maintains that Lungu served less than a term when he took over, as he did not serve three years, adding that no court of law in Zambia can try Lungu, the advocates added that no court in Zambia can try Lungu as this would be against the Constitution.

Bill 10 collapsed in meants 2021 elections will be held under the same conditions as the 2016 polls.

The body called on the ruling party to revive the failed Bill 10 when they retain power after the elections.

The advocates says Zambia needs the important clauses in the Bill such as the delimitation of constituencies, would ensure that the development is spread across the country.

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice Given Lubinda said the failure of Bill 10 is only a temporary setback.

Lubinda said a year from now, President Lungu and his government would start the process of constitution amendment.

Apparently, PF Chief Whip Brian Mundubile recently said when the Bill is revived next year, it would succeed, adding that this time it would sail through because the PF party would have increased the number of MPs to vote resoundingly for it.


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