Nigeria’s Oil explosion a lesson for Zambia – MMD

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MMD Movement for Multiparty Democracy has sent a message of condolences to the Nigerian people on the loss of over 52 people who died in the Otedola Bridge accident in Lagos.

In a statement issued to the media party National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the party mourns with the people of Nigeria and that the party wishes strength and fortitude to the victims’ families, health and speedy recovery to those injured, as well as unity and consolidation to the people of Nigeria during this painful and turbulent time.

“Movement for Multi Party Democracy National Secretary wishes to send out a message of condolences to President Buhari and the Nigerian people at large most especially to the victims of the petrol tanker explosion that occurred on Otedola bridge in Lagos a day ago in the evening.

“I extend sincere condolences over the truck tanker explosion in LAGOS, where 9 persons were burnt beyond recognition while 54 cars were burnt in the inferno and left many injured. This is a huge challenge facing your country today. We mourn with the entire nation and observe a solemn and solitude moment that has gripped the entire nation. We stand together. “On behalf of our party President Hon. Felix Mutati, the entire party membership and on my own behalf, I wish strength and fortitude to the victims’ families, health and speedy recovery to those injured, as well as unity and consolidation to the people of Nigeria at this painful and turbulent time,” he said.

He has since advised the Zambian government to drew lessons from the accident in Lagos and prevent such incidents from occurring by moving dangerous goods in transit to safer modes of transportation such as the use of railway.

“We seek to take this opportunity to advise our government to draw lessons from such horrific accidents occasioned through the transportation of oil products by road. He has lamented over the continued use of roads to transport highly flammable substances thereby risking the lives of the huge numbers of people who use road transport daily.

“We take cognizance that Fuel tankers, with their flammable, movable loads, are especially susceptible to rollovers—with disastrous consequences.Fuel tankers are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road, carrying loads that make them vulnerable to rollover and explosions. “It is for this reason as a party that we recommend safety measures specifically designed to prevent such unforeseen catastrophic accidents and reducing rollovers. We urge government through the line ministries to serious reconsider the usage of rail in the transportation of hazardous, explosives and highly flammable substances.” He adds “The advantage of rail transport is that the infrastructure is already in place and already spans across Zambia–all it needs is to be re-utilized.

The party CEO has assured the Zambian government of their support and participation in discussions relating to the overall management of the transport and energy sector in preventing calamities. “We want to reassure government of our support in finding lasting solutions in the management of our energy sector.”


3 Responses to Nigeria’s Oil explosion a lesson for Zambia – MMD

  1. Zambian toxic politics are amazing.Surely suddenely ba Chimbokaila jail bird Nakachinda now can make news?.Wonders shall never end.That’s why some media houses are suspect.They try to build up political criminals.They don’t mind the character of individuals they seem to cover in news.

    Political Historian
    July 2, 2018 at 5:02 pm

  2. This Bakachind/Mutati nonsense will just come to an end when their illegal convention is concluded in Ciurt this nonth,July.

    Sir Nyambe
    July 2, 2018 at 6:05 pm

  3. Nakachinda is a traitor.The highest bidder gets him.

    The legal MMD Sympathizer
    July 3, 2018 at 11:34 pm

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