Newly-wed couple cuts honeymoon, spends K35,000 on COVID-19 fight

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Kalulushi Constituency UPND aspiring candidate Joseph Kahembi and his newly wedded wife have decided to forego their honeymoon a day after getting married and have channelled the money meant for the honeymoon towards the fight against Covid19 in Kalulushi.

Yesterday, the couple donated water dispensers, hand sanitizers, face masks and surgical gloves to Kalulushi General Hospital, District Health Office and Kalulushi Central Police.

While at Kalulushi Central Police Kahembi helped to release a number of detainees who only needed to pay K100 fines each to be released.

Kahembi said decongesting prisons and police cells is one way of fighting Covid19 pandemic.

“You know at the police station there are no testing kits for Covid19, so detainees from all walks are just mixed and it’s difficult to maintain social distance this why we thought it’s important to help decongest these places by help those who just needed to pay fines to be released and so we have released a lot of them today as part of our contribution towards the fight against Covid19,” he said.

Kahembi in company of Party officials also took time to visit and donate bags of meali meal and others assorted goods towards the funeral of Rhoda Kapindula (Kalulushi constituency official) who lost her mother.

Kahembi said he is inspired by the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who has shown great commitment to the fight against Covid19.

“The fight against Covid19 is our collective responsibility and this is why my wife and I decided it’s more fulfilling to offer a service to human kind as we start our marriage, so we agreed to use everything we saved for our honeymoon towards the fight against Covid19 pandemic because we understand that not everyone can afford hand sanitizers and face masks and so we hope our little donation can save even one life,” said Kahembi.


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