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New Lifestyle and Fashion Page

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fashionista.jpgGood day to you all Zambian Eye Readers. My Name is Val Shaw your new Editor for the  Fashion Page on the Website. I am  Zambian and a Fashion Consultant based in USA.

I am sure you will know more about me as we go along.

As fashion is a lived and breathed by many, so let’s go on right ahead and begin our fun which will be  Marvelously spectacular.

Fashion life styleFashion is section that will cover all aspects relating to  fashion, beauty and accessories, it will cover all basic information local and beyond. From females to males, toddlers, and babies.

Basically it will cover for everyone so to speak.

New York City

New York City

The one way and the best way is, to make yourself look great and feel it, is to groom yourself up, people are always curious about a fashionable person, especially if you are in a non fashion capital of the world which is  places like New York , London, Johannesburg, or Lusaka etc to name a few.

Normally a city which has a major influence on International fashion trends and is a key center for the fashion industry, in which activities including the design, production and retailing of fashion products; fashion events (such as fashion weeks and awards); and fashion-related trade fairs.

Alot of people think that you only dress up if you have an occasion to go to.

Rhianna , Beyonce and more chitenge fashion ...

Rhianna , Beyonce and more chitenge fashion …

Well, you are the occasion and the smile on your face is your date and motivator. Depending on the time of day, you can either dress down or dress up. Get your hair done and go out for a dance, because dancing builds up inner spirit and it’s the way to exercise your physical body and inner soul.

You can go shopping and money is not the factor, you can go window shopping shopping which brings our an inner satisfaction to a fashionista that much I know ,  either browse sites online, with affordable pricing you don’t need to break the bank or be a celebrity to look stunning, beauty comes with  cool sense of fashion and self  confidence.

I will also give highlights on which websites you can shop from online if you are like most of the people who would rather have stuff delivered  and i will  give you insights of what trends are in and out. Also how you can combine one piece of clothing and wear it 10 different  ways. Mood, also is a general factor in fashion, your mood will determine your look .

Therefore, if you are in a bad mood it will show because of the way you have put yourself together. A happy people always outdo themselves, for it can take you places, get good first impressions at  job interviews ,  honor of respect at church , be the talk of the party, the best student in  school or inspire a good dress work code, that could even lead to a promotion.

Giving tips on how to dress, what outfits to wear for specific occasions , shoes and a shopping guide will also be a big factor on the page. Hair styles will that bring out the best in a person, which will blend with the outfit.

For  women hair is very important, so as to men and I will share with you the types of hair do’s and how  to get them done and where they’d be best suited for. And in case you don’t have necessary accessories what you in place of what is missing, I call that plan B. I will also show case sites from other fashion Contributors who will be giving out knowledge about what they do in the fashion industry.

Johannesburg City

Johannesburg City

Models and Celebrities really are the main source of fashion,it’s seen on first on a Model or celebrity  and then  goes viral.  It’s  from them that people know  what trends to work with. So their  part of their lifestyles will be covered too. since alot of people  relate to  their  lives a more and are inspired by them.

There are of course do ‘s and don’ts one this one we will have lots of fun because your closet might need a make over and I will do that with you . You will be free to write comments or ask me for any fashion advice. Life is for sharing I will also appreciate you feed backs. So me and you will be sharing  everything that is going on around the fashion world , what fashion shows are in places and fashion Awards going on.

Lusaka City

Lusaka City

Designers are recognized first locally and then internationally, some are already big designers with big name brands, we will cover fashion capitals and the progress our nation is making in terms of catching up with fashion, Local designer names, where they are located and they can be contacted and also I will brief activities of  what is going on in the fashion world


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