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New Casino Trends: The Future of iGaming

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Arguably one of the biggest industries in the world; in fact, it is almost recession-proof, due to its sheer popularity, it is perhaps astonishing that online gambling (iGaming) has not been around for that long (two decades), comparatively speaking.

Already over the last couple of years, we have seen many new trends in the online gambling industry taking shape and the future looks even more promising. Let’s take a look at some of the new casino trends that we could see unfolding online over the next few years.

Virtual Reality Gambling

Already, in-roads have been made into this astounding technology, with some of the biggest software providers already working on a number of ways to make this possible. Virtual Reality has proven to be a hit in other sectors already; particularly the entertainment industry more generally and there is no reason why this cannot be just as effective for iGaming.

Advanced payment methods

While many online casinos offer a wide variety of payment options for players, which you can find at one method that could become even more popular in the industry is more sophisticated cryptocurrencies, which already have a considerable amount of fans. This industry has proven to be as robust as the online gambling industry and there is definitely a lot of scope for both to form a stronger relationship.

Machine Learning

It has taken a while, though the online gambling industry has started to apply machine learning over the last few years and to good effect. Originally, it was only what could be described as the ‘elitist’ industries that used machine learning software, such as hedge funds and investment banking, however, the iGaming companies have found that this can make them even more efficient. No doubt, even more sophisticated Machine Learning practices will be developed and applied to iGaming in the future.


With new technologies being developed all the time, there is no doubt that there are many that have not even been ideated yet, that could well be applied to the iGaming industry. The beauty of online gambling is that it can be combined with other sectors to great effect, as already demonstrated and for online casino fans the future certainly looks promising in this respect.

As new markets open up as well, including the US and Canada, this also provides the opportunity for gambling companies to gather more data so that they can more effectively match new players with their ideal playing preferences which can act as a platform to really make the most of new casino trends.


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