Nevers urges foreign Heads of States to shun President Lungu’s invitations means to cleans his brutal regime

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MMD leader Nevers Mumba

MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba has urged Heads of States and Government to shun invitations by President Edgar Lungu which he says are aimed at cleansing his brutal regime.

Dr Mumba who has accused President Lungu of being a dictator stated this in a press statement below made available to Zambian Eye.

Zambia needs help. Many Zambians are being helplessly brutalized by the PF regime under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu in full view of the international community.

We wish to appeal to heads of States who are being invited to visit Zambia to reconsider their options. This is not the best time for any head of state to visit Zambia. President Lungu and the PF party have a lot of cleaning up to do. Our country has now qualified to be called a dictatorship. It is becoming a leader in the abuse of human rights. It has clamped down on private media. It has banned all political activities by the opposition. It has continued to use the police force to arrest and brutalize members of the opposition and recently arrested Mr Hakainde Hichilema President of opposition United Party for National Development, (UPND) on trumped up charges and slapped him with a treason charge punishable by death. Recently, Zambia has been deporting international Gospel preachers who do not glorify and prophesy in favor of Mr Lungu.
On Africa Freedom Day, May 25th 2017
President Lungu ordered immigration officials at Lusaka International airport to detain South Africa’s leader of the opposition and refused him entry into Zambia. Police and immigration officials stormed a foreign aircraft and demanded that the opposition leader should not even get out of the plane but be flown back to South Africa. Mr Maimane who had travelled to come attend a court session where his incarcerated colleague, Hakainde Hichilema, who has been charged with treason on trumped up charges was deported without even deplaning.

We believe this heavy handed ness comes in the wake of the pending electoral petition which has challenged the election of Mr Lungu as President. This petition has yet not been heard and is the source of the current degeneration of peace in the nation. In view of the unheard petition, many Zambians have chosen not to recognize Mr Lungu as the legitimately elected president of Zambia. This is the source of President Lungu’s anger who has vowed to deal with all those opposition leaders who do not recognize him as legitimately elected.

Most African Presidents in the recent past have been working hard to keep a reputation of being democratic and custodians of people’s human rights. It is against this back ground that we feel that an official visit to Zambia by any president will tarnish the image of that head of state and will be perceived as supporting the evil vices being perpetuated by the Zambian regime against Zambian people. We are of the view that Mr Lungu is on a legitimacy seeking crusade and he hopes to achieve this by inviting legitimately elected regional presidents to come and cleanse his status. We ask for your help. We plead with regional Heads of States to resist the temptation of coming to Zambia at this difficult time but use their resources and time to force President Lungu to respect human rights and free Hakainde Hichilema.

We pray that SADC nations will support the Zambian people at this time in the same manner we supported them during their pre Independence Days. We sacrificed so that they could be free. I hope we are not asking for too much when we ask them to show solidarity with the now oppressed and repressed Zambians.



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