Nevers tours Chinsali, urges residents not to be intimidated by the PF harassment

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Chinsali Dr Mumba visiting Kapwepwe's grave

Chinsali Dr Mumba visiting Kapwepwe’s grave

MMD President Nevers Mumba on Wednesday successfully toured Chinsali the Provincial Capital of Muchinga Province despite attempts by PF cadres to disrupt his tour.

Dr Mumba visiting patients at Chinsali District Hospital

Dr Mumba visiting patients at Chinsali District Hospital

Dr Mumba who started tour by paying a courtesy call to the Police Commissioner Bony Kapeso went into a meeting with the provincial leadership led by the chairperson Francis Frank Bowa.

Addressing the members after a closed door meeting, Dr Mumba who spoke in Bemba said there is need for the people of Muchinga Province to put the Province and Chinsali in particular on the map as a birth place for the freedom that the country is enjoying today.

Dr Mumba meeting Simon Kapwepwe's widow

Dr Mumba meeting Simon Kapwepwe’s widow

He said Chinsali is not only a birth place for First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Simon Kapwepwe but a place where the fight for the independence of the nation started hence the need for the people to be proud of the history.

“What has brought us here today is explain the significance of this Province to this country. Chachacha started in Chinsali and this is a place where freedom fighters used to have dark corner meetings to plan for our liberation,” he said.

He further urged the people not to be cowered with people insinuating that Bembas should not rule the country because of the way President Sata’s poor leadership style.

“People should not judge all Bemba using the same yardstick they use to Judge President Sata. I do not insult people in public, I’m different from President Sata.”

Dr Mumba also accused President Sata of fabricating lies about him in Chinsali to an extent that he forced some named Chiefs from the Province to denounce him.

He wondered why President Sata has continued to fight the truth about his (Dr Mumba) origins which he said cannot be changed.

He said people of Muchinga should be proud to have their own son leading a strong opposition party and urged them to support him so that other provinces can follow suit.

Mumba meeting party officials

Mumba meeting party officials

And Dr Mumba called on party members in the province to go down to the grass roots and ensure that the party is organized in preparation for the 2016 elections which he said the MMD would win due to the failed promises of the PF.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba has described the ploy by the PF in Chinsali who tried to disrupt his meetings as shameful.

The PF cadres led by the young brother to Sports Deputy Minister Christopher Mulenga, identified as Sharpi Mulenga tried to disrupt the meeting but quick action from the police stopped the cadres before a fight could ensue between the two camps.

Dr Mumba said the PF cadres had demonstrated their ignorance of democracy and that their actions are indications of how scared the PF were due to their failure to deliver on their promises.

“When you fail to fulfill what you promised that is the reaction, if the PF were comfortable, organized and credible party they would not be intimidating political opponents,” he observed.

Dr Mumba on his Mother's grave

Dr Mumba on his Mother’s grave

He further said Zambians are not interested in politics of violence but the development of the country.

The opposition leader later visited Chinsali District and Lubwa Mission Hospital before visiting his mother’s grave site at the mission.

Dr Mumba also visited the widow of former freedom icon Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe as well as the grave site of her husband late husband.


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