Nevers says PF has now agreed with him on the Constitution

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Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) President Dr Nevers Mumba has said that the method selected by the Patriotic Front government for the constitution making process is the most realistic and cost-effective, bearing in mind the amount of time available before the 2016 Tripartite Elections.

Dr. Mumba declared that the selected process is the official MMD position and presented by himself during the Presidential Debates held at the Mulungushi Conference Center in the run-up to the January 2015 Presidential By-Election.

He said the reality, which some sections of society are not fully cognizant of, is that there is not enough time to fully prepare for a Referendum before the 2016 Elections. This would require a national population census and a time-consuming mass sensitization programme in all 150 Constituencies with complex logistics. A Referendum is necessary to enact the current draft constitution because of amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

Dr Mumba further said that government is currently running a budget deficit and is unlikely to be able to fund a Referendum as desired by certain quarters. He said sourcing funding from donors is also going to be a challenge as the biggest donor, the United States government, has already ruled themselves out. Other donors may be more inclined to fund more important developmental projects.


4 Responses to Nevers says PF has now agreed with him on the Constitution

  1. Look when you start aiding the government to fail the people thats no cause for excitement… waiting for a politician who says he has a solution to bringing down inflation….this country is poor due to lack of relevant innovations….lets wake up….

    March 20, 2015 at 2:05 pm

  2. Let us adopt the British and South African political systems
    As much many bloggers have welcomed the proposed amendment, I am not for the Idea of the useless running mate and 50%+1 clause for the following reasons:
    – Political witchcraft may be perpetuated if the vice is impatient knowing he/she will automatically take over and appoint a (puppet) vice of his own choice
    – What happens if the elected vice also dies in office, is the appointed (puppet) vice eligible to assume the presidency since elections can only be held when they are due? If appointed (puppet) vice is eligible, will he/she also appoint another puppet vice who may also qualify to assume the presidency if need be again?
    Don’t just dismiss my argument from without because reading from the comments I can discern the feeling by bloggers that we may again go through another premature election due to any unforeseen circumstances e.g. resignation and god forbid healthy reasons. Remember President Anwar Sadat almost died together with his vice Hosni Mubarak, again god forbid? What happens if both president and vice die at the same time or within 80 days of each other’s death? How do you replace them? Please don’t leave anything to chance. The useless Running mate and 50%+1 are not the solution.
    Instead of the much proposed useless running mate and 50%+1 clause, I propose the following amendments:
    – We adopt the British and South African political systems whereby to govern a political party need to win over 60% of parliamentary seats. If this is not achieved then they form alliances with smaller parties to reach the 60% threshold and form a GNU. Leader of the winning (or bigger if GNU) party becomes president through a parliamentary vote.
    What if he or she also dies in office or resigns?
    The winning political party simply chooses another leader and presents him/her for parliamentary vote (the case of Margaret Thatcher & John Major, and Thabo Mbeki & Katlego Montlanthe who was caretaker president for 7 months without much ado. Jacob Zuma only claimed his rightful position after his party not himself won the general election).
    What do we achieve from this system?
    – No need for by elections (Huge cost avoided and valuable time saved)
    – Witchcraft eliminated because succession is not automatic, one needs to be nominated by their party and win a parliamentary vote
    – A rogue or unpopular leader can easily be recalled and replaced by his party at least cost to government and avoid being saddled with mediocre leadership for ages till general elections. It happens in Britain, you don’t need a general election to change a leader.
    So why continue bluffing about the useless Running mate and 50%+1clause? Remember Joyce Banda in Malawi was almost swept aside despite having won elections as a vice presidential running mate. Just incorporate my proposal you will still achieve the objectives of the useless Running mate and 50%+1 clause but at lesser cost to government. Thank You Zambia.

    March 20, 2015 at 2:20 pm

  3. In whichever way we need a new constitution. Ba Nevers have run out of ideas. Join Panga Family kabili muleti sebana ulya. Neutral you have a point but be civil in your language.In Botswana they do it quietly but what is wrong with Zambians. Zambia was only ruled by two presidents who were fit though one died when his time came. The rest went to state house as moving copses just to steal and enrich themselves after which they rushed to embassy park. Look at the expenses that go with such waste over these wasteful presidents. I pray that this present guy lives longer like the sick RB so that we can save something for our children.

    March 20, 2015 at 3:25 pm

  4. Nervous Mumba you sold your party to the then powerful MMD which you crooked into presidency. Now you are auctioning the same MMD to the not so powerful but violent PF. KNOW that Zambia is not so poor a country in terms of material resources. The deficit is in incumbent leadership. You are not helping the PF regime overcome the current economic malaise by such decisions you have taken. A people not party driven constitution is fundamental for Zambia!

    S Mbwalanga
    March 21, 2015 at 4:48 pm

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