Nevers promises to launch 2016 campaigns on Saturday saying PF strategy is outdated and dangerous

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Nevers Mumba

Dr. Nevers Mumba, one of the seven presidential candidates for the MMD says he will be launching his 2016 election campaign this Saturday.
And Dr. Mumba says the strategy the Patriotic Front is using to govern is outdate and dangerous.
The MMD this Friday May 25, 2012 will elect the party president who is also going to be the candidate for the 2016 tripartite elections.  Dr. Mumba seems optimistic that he will win the MMD presidency.
“I am launching my campaign this Saturday upto 2016,” Dr Mumba revealed when he was hosted on a Special National Watch programme by ZNBC Television on Wednesday night.
Dr. Mumba explained that his campaign for 2016 starts this weekend after he is declared as the MMD fourth president.  He pledged to give all his time to reorganize and prepare the MMD for elections in 2016.
He says MMD as a party that just lost elections and want to bounce back to power does not need to be lead by someone who is also Member of Parliament In reference to his fellow contenders. Dr Mumba says the party needs someone who will be there seven days and 24 hours for it.
“There is no one in history who has won elections while in Parliament,” he said adding that the task requires a lot of time campaigning while at the same time one needs to attend to parliamentary duties.
Dr. Mumba cited Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and the current president Michael Sata as examples of Zambian presidents who won elections and were not in parliament.
The MMD presidential candidate who also once served as vice president promised that he will strongly give checks and balances to President Sata. Dr Mumba explained that President Sata as an opposition leader played this role very well and asked him to also allow the opposition to do the same to his leadership.
“People say I insult Mr. Sata” Dr. Mumba said. “I don’t insult him and will never insult Mr. Sata why because I don’t know how to insult. I got born again when I was 17 years.”
Asked whether he understands the economy as a Pastor or man of the puppet, Dr. Mumba said people have a wrong perception that Pastors only know about the Bible. He explained that Pastors know a lot and further said one does not need to be an economist to be president.
Dr. Mumba explained that Dr. Levy Mwanawasa whose good economy policies the PF government is currently ridding was a lawyer and not an economist. He said a good leader just requires one understand his team and place right people in right position.
He pointed out that President Sata’s PF government was using an outdated strategy to run the country saying they need to realign to the current economic global trends.
“Their (PF) strategy is outdated, it is dangerous,” charged Dr. Mumba.
Dr. Mumba explained that the PF was elected on a platform that they will put more money on people’s pockets and create jobs within 90 days. He said such campaign messages hoodwinked the majority poor Zambians who thought perhaps PF had a miracle to turn things round within the short time.
He says the PF is now coming to terms with reality that it is not government to create jobs by employing people but instead they have to create conducive environment for the private sector.
“The Minister of Commerce a few months ago was saying they will create five million jobs and just a few days they said one million jobs,” Dr. Mumba explained.

As opposition leader, Dr Mumba says he will strongly keep the PF government on its toes to fulfill the promises that they made to Zambians in the run up to 2011 elections.


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