Nevers Mumba promise honest and trusted leadership in his New Year message

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MMD leader Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba

Zambians yearn for a good, heroic ending on January 20th, 2015. The story of David and Goliath has cheered hearts for generations. It is a moral story of courage but also a life’s equalizer for the underdog. It is a story that assures the “assumed” weak that with God on your side, you can achieve the impossible.

May we as Zambians aim for the stars in the coming election. We must not succumb to the pressure of the usual politics of the wind. After the experience of the 2011 election, when most Zambians voted for a PF ‘wind’ of change only to regret a few months later, this should help us to reason beyond a false movement devoid of morality.

What I am offering as Presidential Candidate for the New Hope MMD is leadership of trust and experience. I believe there are enough Zambians who truly thirst for an honest and trusted leader. They will not fall for short term promises but would rather place their trust in proven leadership. The risk of undertaking another political experiment is too great to contemplate. We experimented with PF and should not get carried away by continuous experiments. The New Hope MMD provides a trusted and tested leadership of morality with a proven economic program.

To all our members nation wide, this is our time to put up a spirited fight. Let us fight with our bare knuckles if we have to. Although we started our campaign late because of the obstruction of the court case, we have what it takes to overtake and win.

My life is characterized by overtaking experiences. Upon return from Canada, where I served as High Commissioner, I was asked to run for the Presidency of MMD as an underdog since the other candidates had already campaigned across the nation. We put up a spirited fight as a team and overtook the leading candidates and won. I am determined to lead our team to victory once again.

Let us fight for Zambia in a resilient and sacrificial manner. You are not necessarily fighting for me or the New Hope MMD but for the weary Zambians who want a fresh start in Zambian politics. Zambians whose hearts are broken because of broken promises made by politicians with broken characters.

To survive and succeed as a nation, we must place the character of an aspiring candidate above his money, his promises and his ability to organize a successful campaign machine.

2015 is a year of unique possibilities and we should all brace ourselves to expect the unexpected.

Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.

Zambia Shall be Saved.



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