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Nevers hits back: M’membe father of lies

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Nevers Mumba a former Vice president of Zambia was appointed to head the SADC Electoral Mission in the just ended election in Zimbabwe.

*Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba writes:*


I have taken note of a number of statements, articles and interviews made by my dear brother, Dr. Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party. The statements are all based on our recent tour of duty to Zimbabwe under THE SADC ELECTORAL OBSERVATION MISSION.

I note that Mr. MMEMBE, rather than comment on the actual emperical and scientific findings of our report, has gone to great lengths to issue unsupported, unsubstantiated, untrue, cunningly devised stories and conspiracy theories attacking the Integrity of myself, His Excellency the President of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, and many other persons including SADC and the EU.

I wish to state that I will be responding to the many points he raises in the interest of defending the truth from the war of lies that he has chosen to wage.

I will specifically deal with the following issues:

Mr. M’membe believes that anyone who does not agree with him on an exclusively socialist agenda should be labeled as “puppets and agents of westen imperialism”

Mr. M’membe wishes to create an impression that certain Observer Mission Reports looked similar and so they must have been plagiarized or doctored by the same person. He forgets to mention that these things have standards. Just like in Accounting, different Audit firms will independently produce Audit Reports but they all look similar because accountants use similar templates to ensure that Financial Statements and the accompanying Audit reports are consistent and comparable between periods and countries and firms. Infact, this also holds true for laboratory reports, SPECIALIZED engineering reports, and legal reports have standards in how they are to be presented. This is perfectly normal. I am sure Mr. M’membe knows this well. But, he also has a dark, manipulative side to him that compels him to deliberately choose to misinform those who may not be too familiar with such reporting standards. He convincingly claims that the similarity in presentation between the EU report and the SADC report is “suspicious.” Why has he removed the other two reports, which also followed the same or similar presentation style? Does Mr M’membe really find it strange that the SADC and EU reports BOTH give an Exception Report?. Anyone with experience in these things will tell you that the mere fact that there is a strong degree of agreement and correlation in the two reports and in all four shows that the findings must be objective. Again, he doesn’t say this but he cleverly says the similarity in reports means they were doctored.

Mr. M’membe is becoming desperate in selling a dangerous lie that the current President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema was in fact installed by agents of western Interests. But he forgets to deal with glaring facts such as, Did HH vote for himself? We all saw people turn out in huge numbers to cast their votes, and even then, the victory came through a very, very difficult process and series of challenges. Fred M’membe must not be allowed to steal the people’s victory and effort and, in a perfect act of manipulation, turn the peoples victory into what he shamelessly refers to as an ‘act of puppet installation by some invisible hand from the west”

Fred M’membe has no data about this election. This is why he has failed to address any of the technical issues raised in the reports. Instead, he has taken advantage of the reading culture of our people, and started calling everyone who stands for freedoms and who stands for a fair electoral process as “puppets of the west.” This is despite the fact that since 1991, Zambia maintains a clearly articulated position of enganging with all countries regardless of whether they are from the west, or the east in pursuit of our own Zambian Interest. We are not anyones puppets, but we are servants of the people.

But because Fred M’membe is himself a stooge and a puppet of Communist ideas and ideologies, he knows that the only way he can create political space for himself, and try to ressurect a dead political ideology like SOCIALISM is by painting everyone else as puppets of the west. Let him do Zambians a favor and also name and shame himself as a wannabe puppet of the Communists. We say wannabe because everybody knows Fred. Fred doesn’t even believe in socialism himself. Fred is a product of free enterprise. Just check his own history in business. Fred wouldn’t even remit taxes in the interest of the state, the poor and those in need of social support, but we all know how his greed and insatiable desire to hoard wealth brought him into trouble with the “Taxman.”

Mr. M’membe clearly has every right to congratulate the new government of Zimbabwe after their declared electoral win. That is everyone’s prerogative. However in his broadcast interview, he peddles another very dangerous LIE. He claims that it is very difficult for ZANU PF to hand over power to the very people who colonized us for many years and since a number of leaders in government are still from that era, then they should never handover power. Surely, OUR PARTY, the MMD did not exist in vain. It is this type of thinking which we already destroyed in 1991 when Zambians retired UNIP through the ballot. Even the MMD was removed through the very democratic process they heralded, NO QUESTION. Even the PF was removed from power through the will of the people. Africa must never start to think that being a liberation movement or a Pan African movement means subverting the will of the people through Election manipulation, this is backward thinking and it tells you the kind of Leader Mr. Mmembe is.

These are just 5 Lies I have picked up by combing through his recent outbursts, but I can assure you that there are many more lies and half truths, creatively mixed by this editorial master and Father of Lies. In all honesty, when it comes to twisting and distorting facts to create a false story line, Mr. Fred M’membe is a master of his craft. Nonetheless, it is his narcissistic personality that worries me more. Mr. M’membe is a man with no conscience, no fear of God, no respector of historical facts, or figures, He is a man on a dangerous warpath to get to the top at all costs, and his weapons are numbers, figures, letters words, pictures and historical facts, which he twists cleverly to hoodwink the unsuspecting readers.

Zambia can never be socialist or communist and it shall never be. Zambia can never go back to dictatorship and stronghandedness. Zambia remains a champion of liberty, of freedoms, and a beacon of hope to those who wish to freely pursue their life, enterprise, happiness and Conscience.

Trying to to advance a socialist agenda in a flourishing democracy which considers itself a Christian Nation is tantamout to trying to resurrect the dead using Hot Water. IT IS A LIE.

Socialism is Dead. Chimo Nowafwa!
The Future is Neither East nor West.

-Africa TV


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