Nevers ‘admits’ to being in office illegally

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MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba today took to the stand for cross examination in the matter were his national secretary Winnie Zaloumis is disputing the 2016 party convention.
During cross examination defence Lawyer Jonas Zimba questioned Mumba to tell the court when his term of office was coming to an end.
In response, Dr Mumba answered in affirmative and said 2017.
He is contending that his tenure of office elapsed in 2017 and that he  continues to be ‘president’ of MMD because the purported convention was illegal and that the party was in a crisis.
Dr Mumba was at pains to explain who had given him the mandate to continue being party president as the tenure of office for National Exefutive Committee (NEC) had elapsed in 2016 and that the NEC could not extend its tenure.
The defence lawyer asked Dr Mumba if he knew that members of the party had petitioned to hold a convention to which he said he was not aware because his National Secretary at the time did not inform him.
Asked if the party had charged anyone who attended the 2016 elections including the former Republican President Rupiah Banda, Dr Mumba who refused to acknowledge anyone who attended the convention as a member said the fate of Rupiah Banda will be decided after the conclusion of the matter in court.
Dr Mumba also claimed that most of the members who attended the convention did not belong to the party but that they were PF members.
Asked if he was aware that the party held a card renewal in Lusaka, in response Dr Mumba said the people who were at the card renewal were not party members.
Pressed if he was aware of a different group in the party, Dr Mumba said there was an illegal group who were masquerading as MMD.
Dr Mumba was further put on the spot when he was asked to tell the court the highest organ of the party to which he said it was the convention and that  the convention had authority over NEC.
Asked if he was elected at an extra ordinary convention, Dr Mumba answered in the affirmative but denied when he was asked if he was finishing former party president Rupiah Banda’s term stating that he was elected for a new mandate of 5 years after the resignation of the former leader.
The court further head that Lawyer Jeah Madika who was invited to give legal opinion at the NEC meeting was not a party counsel but that he was erroniously invited to the party meeting as there was no documentation of his engagement as party counsel.
Hearing in the matter continues.

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