Ndola Council is delaying development – PF MP

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A Member of Parliament from the ruling party, PF for Bwana Mkubwa says the Ndola City Council is delaying development in his constituency.

The Lawmaker revealed this in a press statement below made available to Zambian Eye:


Bwana Mkubwa MP Dr Jonas Chanda

Lusaka, 12th January 2019_ –

The bureaucracy and red tape in the disbursement of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) by Ndola City Council is DENYING the people of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency the much needed development despite the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government having released the full CDF amounts to Bwana Mkubwa Constituency for 2017 and 2018 totalling K3 million (K3 billion unrebased currency).

We received the 2017 CDF full amount of K1.4 million (K1.4 billion unrebased) in November 2017. One (1) year and two (2) months later, NOT a single ngwee of the K1.4 million has been disbursed and NOT a single development project has taken off. In addition, Government in December 2018 gave us another K1.6 million (K1.6 billion unrebased) as 2018 CDF. So, right now the Council is sitting on K3 million (K3 billion unrebased) of CDF for Bwana Mkubwa Constituency.

Moreover, the Minister of Local Government Hon Vincent Mwale and his Permanent Secretary Mr Amos Malupenga approved the CDF projects almost a year ago, it is disappointing that Ndola City Council has NOT disbursed any funds due to bureaucratic processes and red tape.

The delays in the disbursement of CDF mean that all approved development projects in the 2017 CDF are not only DELAYED, but the money is losing value due rising COSTS of materials and inputs triggered by inflation and a depreciating exchange rate of the kwacha to the US dollar.

Consequently, the construction of KANTOLOMBA CLINIC, MWENYE CLINIC, Placenta pits for MATERNITIES at Mushili and Kaloko Clinics, NEW TOILETS at Kansengu market in Mushili, and renovation of JACARANDA POLICE POST, as well as all WOMEN and YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS have all NOT started.

I also wish to remind Ndola City Council that all accrued bank interests on these unused funds must remain in the Bwana Mkubwa constituency CDF account and should not to be used for any other purpose apart from development projects.

I reiterate that Ndola City Council management’s inaction of not releasing funds for implementation of approved CDF projects when money is available is tantamount to decampaigning the PF government as people will lose confidence in the government thinking that “development promises” are mere cheap political rhetoric.

I’m therefore appealing to Minister of local government Hon Vincent Mwale and Permanent Secretary Mr Amos Malupenga to intervene and compel Ndola City Council to disburse the 2017 CDF for the Bwana Mkubwa Constituency development projects they both approved, failure to which the people of Bwana Mkubwa Constituency will have no choice but to go and demand for the release of their Development Funds from Ndola City Council management.

Finally, I also want to thank Government for bringing the CDF Bill to Parliament in the just ended session which was passed unanimously. The new CDF Act, accompanied by new CDF guidelines, should curtail all bureaucracy and red tape in the implementation of CDF projects with strict timelines for project implementation.

Issued by:

Hon. Dr. Jonas Chanda
Member of Parliament,
Bwana Mkubwa Constituency,


One Response to Ndola Council is delaying development – PF MP

  1. Well said honorable. Even the interest on the funds should be for the constituency.
    We need a toilet at Kansengu market. The original one has been usurped by the former councillor.

    January 13, 2019 at 12:33 pm

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