Nawakwi puts blame on govt for disputes over mining taxation

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FDD President Edith Nawakwi has observed that complaints on mine taxation will continue to arise if locals do not benefit from the natural resources.

Ms. Nawakwi explained that the only way of ensuring that locals benefit from their resources is by negotiating good packages on a win-win basis for both the investors and the country.

“I certainly know that telling these investors to pack and leave is not the solution to the challenges we are facing in the mining sector. The solution is to seat with them on the table and negotiate packages for the people in these communities.

“I know that some mining countries have managed to negotiate packages were they have put a pool of funds to help youths came up with other economic activities,” Ms. Nawakwi said.

She noted that the challenges in the mining sector have been created by government because it is not willing to talk to the mines.

“Government doesn’t want to talk to these people but what they are forgetting is that when these people close-shop and go it is our people that will suffer.

“You can’t just increase tax without explaining to your partners why you have decided to do so. I know that the taxation in the sector is not perfect but one thing you should understand is that the challenges in mining taxation will always be there hence the best way of having communities benefit from their resources is to have smart partnerships.” She said.

Meanwhile the opposition leader has expressed disappointment with Solwezi Municipal council for failing sort out some basic challenges in the town.

Ms. Nawakwi observed that Solwezi Council is the richest council in the country but had nothing to show for it.


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