Edgar’s continued stay as Defence Minister compromises election credibility – Nawakwi

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Madam Nawakwi

Madam Nawakwi

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development FDD President has called on the Electoral Commission of the Zambia to find alternative  of transporting ballot papers if Defense Minister Edgar Lungu does not relinquish his position.

And Ms. Nawakwi has promised to embark on a vigorous campaign against corruption once put in office on 20th January.

Speaking when she addressed a rally at Nadalitsika School Ground in Chipata the opposition leader observed that Zambia Air Force ZAF which is used to air lift ballot papers to and from remote places in the country falls under Mr. Lungu hence increasing the risk of ballot papers and other electoral materials being compromised.

She explained that service chiefs are usually political appointees who would want to serve their jobs by helping Mr. Lungu to secure victory hence the need for either the Minister to resign or the commission finds alternative transport to avoid any suspicion from both the voters and candidates.

She also noted that elections must not only be free and fair but must be seen to have been so to avoid any conflicts after the results are announced.

“The continued stay in offices by Hon. Edgar Lungu who is also a candidate in this election compromises the impartiality that is expected of the departments under his ministries.

“The transportation of ballot papers by Zambia Air force  which is under Hon. Edgar Lungu raises  issues of security concerns over those ballots and other election materials in transit,” said Ms. Nawakwi.

She added “I’m a believer in the impartiality of the commission but ignoring the continued stay of one Edgar Lungu at the helm of the Ministries of Defence and Justice and at the same time participating in this election as a candidate could be a recipe for mistrust of the whole electoral process.”

“In the event that Hon. Edgar Lungu refuses to heed to the request for him to step aside, continued Ms. Nawakwi, we demand that your commission should find an alternative impartial transporter to air lift election materials that are scheduled for transportation by Zambia Air Force.”

And speaking at a public meeting in Luangeni Constituency,Ms. Nawakwi said will embark on a vigorous campaign against corruption when elected President on the 20th.

Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu

The opposition leader observed that corruption had remained a major obstacle to the country’s developmental agenda and the reason behind much of the misery suffering being experienced among citizens in the country especially those in rural areas.

Ms. Nawakwi said corruption is the cancer that continues to eat at the country’s developmental agenda and should be fought from all fronts if the country is to make positive strides in developing.

She said when voted into office she will through decentralization reduce the scourge which has taken root in the country’s society and seen to be normal.

She noted that the current governance system encourages corruption as it requires that almost everything should be done in lusaka by individuals who neither understands nor appreciate their needs and challenges.

She reiterated the need for a constitution that reduces the powers of the president saying “the current constitution has reposited so much powers in the president something which has rubbed off to people who surround him which makes them start thinking they are small presidents.”

Meanwhile the opposition leader said political figures endorsing presidential candidates in the coming election have not gone to her because they have understood her massage.

The opposition leader explained individuals who are busy endorsing their preferred candidates are doing so for selfish reasons and have clearly gotten her massage of decentralization which will cut down on personal deals from state house something she observed was their interest.

Ms. Nawakwi also repeated her massage of unity saying “people preaching tribalism should be ignored as all the people in the country are connected by the umbilical cord called Zambia.”

The opposition leader also received some defectors from the PF who were lead by Brenda Zulu who said they had ditched the ruling party due to unfulfilled promises.

Ms. Zulu said they felt cheated by the PF as whatever they had been promised remains a promise three years after helping the party assume office.


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