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The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) has warned the public against consuming a popular aphrodisiac (sex enhancing) drink sold indiscriminately in shops and supermarkets around the country called Natural Power SX High Energy Drink produced by Revin Zambia Limited, a Ndola based company.

Yona Musukwa reports that this warning comes in the wake of test results shared by the Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) after they received complaints of prolonged erection of nearly six hours, heart palpitations and abnormal sweating; classical symptoms of Viagra overdose, from consumers of Natural Power SX energy drink.

And Musukwa has described the development as an ethical:

To put Viagra in an energy drink is extremely unethical business practice and puts consumers at very high risk of over dosage with dangerous health consequences.

It’s actually shameful and embarrassing that we had to rely on the tests conducted by Uganda to know about a potential harmful Zambian product. How many products are we consuming in our country that may be harmful to our health? Where are our relevant regulatory institutions such as Zambia Bureau Of Standards and Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority? What are they doing when we have such products on our market?

Bane, let us be careful with what we are consuming, especially men. Men get excited for nothing, men are ready to swallow anything and everything that promises them sexual power and a swollen penis for 6 hours. Surprisingly, even young boys, some as young as 18 year olds are using these products. Many young people are collapsing, having strokes and heart attacks becouse of wanting a swollen penis for 6 hours.

Bane, don’t kill yourself just to have a swollen penis for 6 hours. It’s really not worth it. If your penis isn’t broken, don’t fix it.



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