National Health Insurance Bill: A killer punch to the Zambian worker

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Country men, women and youths, It is not a secret that our country is in dire need of a better health system, it is highly undisputed that a health workforce is an asset to every business as regards to productivity but as NAREP Youths in Lusaka Province, we strongly oppose this animal called the National Health Insurance Bill which is another form of tax on already overburdened workers.

It is folly to think that the 800,000 formal sector workers we have in this country can ably pay for the health insurance of over sixteen million Zambians. As NAREP Youths, we find such reasoning to be misguided and shallow; we quickly call upon the Ministry of Health to recall the bill as the consequences of enacting this bill into law does not require any further elaboration.

We have empirical evidence that as highlighted in the auditor general’s report of 2016 that at atleast 20% of $115 million spent on health care was mismanaged and that is like throwing away over 200 brand new land cruisers every year. In a country which has one of the worst fiscal indiscipline in the region if not Africa, it is conceivable that money collected through this bill will be diverted to serving the huge debt stock or indeed find its way to finance campaigns.

As NAREP, it is our strong conviction that government is up to something suspicious with this exercise. For those of you with short memory, allow me to remind you that government has been dragging its feet in the Freedom of information Bill process but the same government is moving at the speed of light to implement the National Health Insurance Bill. The BIG QUESTION IS WHY??No clear stakeholder consultation over a matter as serious as this. We find this to be at opposite angles with real democracy.

We also remember that government signed the Abuja declaration and pledged to increase budgetary allocation to the ministry of health to 15% of its annual budget but due to lack of political will government has failed to even meet half of that target. WHY then should Zambians think the money collected will be used as intended?

Finally, Lastly let’s all remember that we live in a country were $42 million can be diverted from the treasury meant for retirees to procure useless fire tenders which were not even in the yellow book.

Subsidies have been removed on maize and fuel, borehole levy introduced, withholding tax on rentals enforced, Toll gate fees, duty on imported motor vehicles increased, mealie meal prices increased, fuel pump price increased, vendors chased and pushed out of business,500,000 youth jobs promised not yet fulfilled since 2015 and now National health insurance Bill to give us a Killer Punch??Be wise and don’t support this additional tax.

Allan Sakala

NAREP Lusaka Provincial Youth Chairman


3 Responses to National Health Insurance Bill: A killer punch to the Zambian worker

  1. Indeed wise position Allan Komboni Guru,its true this is just another tax imposed on poor zambians

    mutinta Mwiinga
    April 9, 2018 at 8:02 am

  2. We need such youths in the country.You always inspire me Allan.

    April 9, 2018 at 8:03 am

  3. I followed you on radion phonexi let the people talk,you made some good points especially on the youths.Please dont be bought like your friend was bought by the PF.

    April 9, 2018 at 8:05 am

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