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Nathan Nyirenda U-Turns, weds ZNBC Reporter Pennipher

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Nathan and Pennepher

Nathan and Pennepher

By Mainda Simaata

In a dramatic though unexpected twist of events Zambians are dubbing as sensational yet controversial gospel artist Nathan Nyirenda has defied all Christian expectations to reconcile with his now ex-wife, and gone ahead to wed fiancee and ZNBC reporter, now Pennpher Nyirenda in a colourful and pictursque event.

Not too long ago, Nathan was lauded with congratulatory messages of “welcome back to your senses” from Christian quaters when, out of the blues, he broke up with Pennipher after their Kitchen party, and announced that he was going back to his Kitwe wife. All sorts of scripture was quoted by the brethren to encourage Nathan to stay in a marriage that was no doubt the shipikisha (hung in their bro) club sort.

It was believed by the Christian community that Nathan was under the Devil’s spell when he left his wife of (we don’t know of how many years and children) to go for Pennipher, whom they accused of being a husband snatcher.

Today, Pennipher Nyirenda is having the last laugh, and the love of her life as the Christian community wonder what hit them. They are lost for words, silent, dismayed, dishonoured, disappointed, disillusioned, saddled with a burden of inexplicable disbelief and disgrace and shame at the wonderous yet astonishing escapades of one of their most favoured sons.

Therefore, it is left for us to put the issue for them into text and context as they petition the rainy heavens today.

We the impartial observors wish Nathan and Pennifer a genuine long, fruitiful and successful matrimony.

To Nathans ex-wife: we are sorry, but don’t lose hope, for you never know what Nathan might do next. Men will be men, whether in holy robes or jackets.

To the jilted Christian community, here is some Bemba wisdom: “umutwe wa munobe chalo chimbi.”

Interpretation: (Nathan’s mind is another world).


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