NAREP wages war against RTSA

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NAREP has waged War against RTSA on its continued Corruption.

The opposition party says it will not allow RTSA to put many Zambian businesses to death and allow a few individuals to get rich.

“It is our strong position as NAREP that the RTSA/LAMISE agreement with Intelligent Mobility Solutions be put off as it is not in national interest,” stated NAREP Lusaka province Youth Spokesperson Allan Sakala.

Sakala says Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba must not defend what he described as dull-witted agreements that are calculated at hurting Zambians.

He says NAREP stands ready to fight for the voiceless and dejected masses of people to stop the nonsense.

“How can a company under Lamise specialised in plastics sign a deal with RTSA to assist with intensifying road security?This is claptrap and must be stopped,” charged Sakala.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31