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NAREP urges the business community to be socially useful

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echipimoNAREP Head of International Relations Pascal Nsokolo has written to the business community urging them to be socially useful and play a key role in addressing some of the social and economic challenges that we face as a nation.

In my job as Head of International Relations I have travelled to some of the world’s biggest economies to build on strategic relations  and learn policy lessons. In particular the role of business in helping address the social and economic challenges.
Business in not just about making money,  as vital as it is. It is also the powerful force for social progress – a force for good. It can help us tackle poverty,  raise horizon,  to drive the innovations, products and services that make our lives better, longer and happier.
I wanted to write myself to begin a discussion with you about what we can achieve by working together.  NAREP  recognises that the challenges we face as a nation cannot be addressed by government alone, that is why I am urging you all to play a key role in helping address some of these challenges . We believe that through working together we can make tangible difference to our country.
It is clear that Zambia faces huge challenges both social and economic, if you look at the scale of the challenges we face as a nation,  whether its youth unemployment,  the lack of sufficient health care provision,  poor Education and above all the high cost of living .  Does anyone really think that these things can be solved by or turned around by government alone? Of course not.
NAREP believes that what is really going to change the nation is collaboration, cooperation; among  businesses, charities,  individuals working with each other and government to make life better; not just government action but social action too,  not just government responsibility but personal responsibility and corporate responsibility , is what is  going to make the difference to our country. Personal responsibility and corporate responsibility which goes hand in hand are at the core of NAREP’s core values. Businesses can play a key role in helping address these challenges through their CSR initiatives.
A NAREP government under the leadership of Mr Elias Chipimo Jnr will ensure that the relationship between government and  business is mutual not leading you,  but collaborating and cooperating with you. We will work and ask businesses to  help by improving skills,  supporting small businesses,  improving the quality of life and helping transforming local communities  and working together for a better Zambia and  improve  living standards of ordinary people struggling with the  cost of living.
Pascal Nsokolo is NAREP’s Head of International Relations

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