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By Frank Sichone

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) attaches great importance to national events as they bear a significance of exclusive value to all Zambian citizens regardless of political affiliation. Further, they are not a preserve of the party in power.

It is therefore disconcerting that through our multi-party history, opposition political parties generally tend to shun official functions on days when national solidarity should be exercised, just because they are in opposition. This is a divisive trend that misinforms and misdirects our children who are the future leaders of this nation. There will always be unresolved matters that the government of the day needs to address and it is correct for opposition to hold them to account. However, boycotting national events is never the solution, and it will never be.

It’s in this regard that we hereby inform the Zambian people that we will rally behind our women and youth by taking part in the upcoming official events to commemorate Women’s and Youth day next week.

We know that the nation is facing many unresolved challenges such as unemployment, high prices of commodities, poor sanitation, poor healthcare, lack of access to decent education and shoddy support to rural farmers. However, the answer does not lie in boycotting official functions but in directly challenging the leadership to take its responsibilities seriously and rousing citizens to rally behind this demand.

We urge all our members women and youths to take contribute to the future progress of our nation by being part of official recognition of the role our women and our youth play in our development. Let us use these functions to make bold statements about the plight of our women and our youth. Finally, in line with NAREP’s 8 core values, our members should also see this time as an opportunity to help the vulnerable in their communities by conducting acts of service.

The author is the National Restoration Party Chairperson for Youth and Sports


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  1. Ba NAREP epomwaba? its interesting to note that narep is still existing. Mwilafwa bane. Kukosa bebele.

    black bird
    March 6, 2015 at 1:13 pm

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